If you want to join me and a small cohort of brilliant people doing real transformations (in teams, organisations, wider systems and society, people — and them selves) then please email me urgently at benjamin.taylor@redquadrant.com

More information including costs and commitments is here:

Here is my attempt to show in quotes what we offer :-)

The tool for handling complexity is organisation. But our concepts of organisation belong to the much less complex old world not to the much more complex today’s world: still less are they adequate to deal with the next epoch of complexification in a world of…

Gabriel Garcia Marquez knew a thing or two about management. And about change management.

Notice how in this extract, the secretary, who ‘only has a job from charity’, bides her time and carefully shares her insights with the boss through a channel and in a way that might be accepted.

In this story, the ‘general section’ is actually a ‘self-generating, self-licking icecream’ — the place where everything everyone doesn’t want to deal with goes to die. Except it doesn’t die, it thrives like mould and multiplies.

Do you know any example of ‘general sections’ in organisations?

In the book, Leona…

This is going to be an engaging event, not a carousel of powerpoints, we’ll be learning together.

I have two brilliant offers I can share as conference convener:

ONE — of everyone who likes and comments on this post at https://www.linkedin.com/posts/antlerboy_conscious-organisation-activity-6845607854129471488-fVYp, I will randomly select THREE people to get free tickets to the event

TWO — I can offer everyone in my network a 50% discount — just use the code CONS50

The link: https://consciousorg.net/


We have the most incredible range; #futurism, #artificialintelligence experts, systems changers, Daoists, soul coaches, writers on organic organisation, mature masculinity, what being human means…


Do please have a look at the Conscious Organisation conference, 7–8 October this year — some fantastic speakers and I am chairing — it won’t be a traditional conference but short sharp inputs and real engagement. See below for a discount code too.

The Conscious Organisation conference 2021

If I may share this conference that I’m chairing… What does ‘conscious organisation’ mean to you? https://t.co/r9P6yniXCZ with early bird offer to get a 50 % discount by using the coupon code : CONS50

Is ‘systems convening’ a thing?chosen-path.org
The book, Systems convening: a crucial form of leadership for the 21st Century…

a wordle of the reasons why people signed up for the launch event

The book, Systems convening: a crucial form of leadership for the 21st Century was published just over a month ago; the launch event, for which over a thousand people signed up, took place on 2 September. All the information about the book and community is hosted by the authors, Bev and Etienne Wenger-Trayner, at https://wenger-trayner.com/systems-convening/

The book was inspired by a chapter they wrote in Learning in Landscapes of Practice: Boundaries, Identity, and Knowledgeability in Practice-Based Learning. This was seen by Matthew Kalman-Mezey of the Q Foundation and other knowledge-sharing efforts (he’s a founder of the Enlivening Edge publication/community and…

The Conscious Organisation conference 2021

If I may share this conference that I’m chairing:

What does ‘conscious organisation’ mean to you?


(with early bird offer to get a 50 % discount by using the coupon code : CONS50)

I’m on holiday!chosen-path.org
First time in eighteen months thanks to the pandemic and related business and unrelated family issues 🙂 And it is rather wonderful. I wholly recommend it! Fascinating to see all the wannabe Instagram Influencers and their partners (long-suffering or taking turns) move from coveted rock to ankle-deep-in-the-sea shot, making the same poses then moving on. … Continue reading I’m on holiday! →

They say that amongst the people of the coast, to test if you were really a shaman, you were rowed out into the cold dark ocean, tied to a large rock, and thrown overboard.

Benjamin P. Taylor

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