Do you want a job in the future? Is my theory crazy?

A ‘job’ isn’t a contract between equals — it’s ‘tied service and patronage’, where ‘human resources’ exist to protect the company, where one avenue open to…

We should all just straight-up refuse to use the phrase “digital transformation” from now on. There’s only organisational transformation.

That was David Durant, a major #publicservice and #localgov digital guy

I’m stealing it, though, because I agree.

Here I shared ‘top tips’ from 16 professional advisers:

This is…

What’s your favourite saying that you invented?*

See others’ contributions at:

(Feel free also to share any in other peoples’ names that you regularly call upon :-) )

Here are mine:

Taylor’s Corollary to Pareto’s…

The degree of stress, pressure, and overwhelm seems to have been growing for the last twelve years, with crushing austerity accelerated by the twin crises of COVID-19 and “Brexit”.

The challenges of climate catastrophe and simply trying to really make a difference in the world of citizens and communities, to maintain basic services, asks the impossible…

I am one of 16 professional advisers interviewed for advice on how to manage accelerating enterprise digital transformation in these uncertain times.

The publication from / Network Sunday is at

What’s fascinating is you get a very different tone and personality of the business from each interview!


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