What’s your example of an organisation spending time and energy like the drunk in the story, ‘looking for the keys under the lamp-post’?

We miss the opportunities for innovation and creativity all the time we look where we know the answers.

A police officer sees someone drunkenly searching under a…

The arrogant superstar suddenly brought low? The ardent Trade Unionist promoted to manager?

The contract manager for the contact centre was at breaking point.

‘Those bastards! We told them about this change three weeks ago. They haven’t trained, they haven’t resourced, they’re blaming the service, and I know they’re going to use this as an excuse at the monthly performance review meeting —…

Transaction costs do not predict systems costs

If you wanted to predict how many customer contacts a council would have, and how much they cost, what factor do you think would best predict?

  • Population?
  • Number of people in poverty?
  • Geographic size?
  • Housing stock?

Spoiler: NOTHING reliably predicts total numbers of contacts and cost. …

The things that have been handed down to you — source obscure — and just become part of your understanding, your practice in your work?

Every profession has them, things that just form the background of your work, which feel like yours, or just ‘in the air’ — but which…

Are you actually able to hear where you can create value?

I was once in a project to redesign a council’s Housing Benefits form, and ‘make it digital’.

The form was 60 pages long, and optimally designed for approximately 2.2% of applicants.

That’s because the vast majority of applicants were already on a ‘passporting benefit’, so we really only needed to…

Benjamin P. Taylor

business evolutionary www.bentaylor.com all pieces duplicated at www.chosen-path.org

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