Announcing two ‘new’ podcasts… coming soon! (With bonus puppy pics)

Benjamin P. Taylor
2 min readMar 28, 2022

What questions do you have about systems thinking | complexity | cybernetics?

Who would you like to ask about finding the true joy in work?

Way back in a different world, before the pandemic and in the first UK lockdown, I interviewed a bunch of wonderful, insightful, and patient people.

For two connected podcasts:

systems | cybernetics | complexity
I have come to sing songs to your cat

-> transduction (I have come to sing songs to your cat)
demonstrating the deep insights and value from the systems | cybernetics | complexity field

public | service | transformation
Find the real work, find the joy

-> joy and work (find the work, find the joy)
a podast about (public) service transformation and the value of actually supporting customer/citizen/user purpose

Since then, the world has obviously changed. I’ve been through a lot too — though the fact that adopting a street puppy (see end!) was one of the major shifts shows how lucky I have been.

Now, finally, in the next few weeks, and thanks to an amazing team, those recordings are going to start to see the light of day.

There is great wisdom in these people , I feel — about topics truly important to the management, to innovation, to the future and to the world — so I think that even months and years later, these are worth listening to. I hope you’ll agree.

And this is just the beginning. Watch this space for the podcast feed and the books, and more :-)

Who would you like to hear me speak to — and what would you like me to ask?

(PS bonus secret photos of the said street puppy)!

Doggle (Ollie Farfel Taylor-Krajinovic) as we first met him