Are you anti-war, or pro-peace?

Benjamin P. Taylor
3 min readMay 9, 2022

I’ve been wanting for some time to write and post something about the distinction Jonathan Horwitz — who I’ve been lucky enough to learn from — makes between his time in the anti-War movement, and his time in the Peace movement. A couple of weeks ago, he did it better than I ever could, because it’s his story. I share it here with the image he chose first.

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Dear Friends Around The World,

More than 55 years ago I returned a veteran from the war in Viet Nam. I was very angry. It was an unjust war (they all are!), bringing nothing but misery, heart-break, sadness, sorrow and death to all too many innocent people who had the right to a wonderful fulfilling life. I was so angry and joined immediately the Anti-War Movement.

After two years, I saw that my anger was poisoning me, and affecting the people around me. I was carrying the war in my heart. I was tired and heart broken. And then something happened. I heard the words of a Vietnamese Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh. He said: “There is no way to Peace. Peace is The Way.” That was the beginning of a great change in my life and I moved from the anti-War movement to the Peace Movement.

Of course, the tragedies of war will continue to be heartbreaking and make us angry, but I feel the only way to heal the heartbreak and the anger is to bring Love to them — to live Love and Peace, to let Love and Peace begin to heal our wounds and to begin to heal the wounds around us.

Thirty-three years after I returned from the war I went back to Viet Nam, and was amazed by the kindness I was shown. I met another veteran there, a Vietnamese man who had been in the North Vietnamese Army and was amazed at the kindness and respect he showed me. After all, I had been his enemy. When I asked him how it was possible for him to be so kind to me, he said, “My brother, the war is something we suffered through together.”

Allow Peace and Love to begin to heal the anger and sorrow in you and they will begin to heal those around you. The Spirit of Peace and the Spirit of Love are strong. Let them into your being and touch others around you and end the war — now.

Love and Peace,



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