As you know, I’m not as yet convinced about meat. But I notice a few things that make this more complex:

  • There’s a growing schism, with both paleos and others absolutely convinced they have all the evidence on their side
  • When I was introduced (in a highly suggestive state, I now realise) to the diet that did me so much good and that I now religiously fail to follow, that too (low carb, low protein) was against – and defined against – the undoubtedly well dodge general good guidelines
  • It’s different, I suspect, for every person, *as well as* being genuinely complex to explain (ie needing more than one interconnected step) – in one podcast I heard recently, dedicated to exploding the ‘calories in, calories out’ myth (it used to be all we could measure, and so we got stuck on it), one professor tested himself and his wife for insulin spikes. One of them spiked on grapes and orange juice, the other on rice – both were different. What if diet is something that (a) depends on context in multiple ways, (b) depends on interrelations between other aspects of diet, life, emotions, tension, sleep and (c) is different for everyone?

Anyway, we can agree that the diet pyramid is bullocks :-)

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