Awesome stuff. I am adding my own ‘selections’ here in case of interest to some.

I am obsessively convinced of the intrinsic value of the RedQuadrant library, which allows me to continue to ‘collect’ (despite evidence of lack of use) — we do plan to revamp it and bring out some of the key books. It’s at

But I’m intrigued that there are some on the list we don’t have :-)

For what it’s worth, some versions of RedQuadrant reading lists, from over the years, are available at:

You can see a move from ‘lean’ to ‘lean and ‘systems thinking’’ to ‘systems thinking’. Organisational change is throughout.

Summer last year, moving into six months of chaos and challenge, I gave up — temporarily. But of course the quest to catalogue everything *important* continues at

business evolutionary all pieces duplicated at

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