Essential practices for organisation — talk on 13 July

Benjamin P. Taylor
1 min readJul 8, 2021


What do you think are the most essential practices for organisation?

Practices are:

  • things you make a commitment to
  • things you do regularly
  • things you get better at, through practice

And, over time, sometimes practices can fade when you learn to follow the underlying principles. But, unlike principles, practices give you a go-to, something to work on and with.

On Tuesday 13 July at 7pm I’m speaking at Lean Agile Stockport — an online meetup open to all — about our ‘five core practices’.

Would your team or organisation be more effective if you reliably worked to be able to do these things?

  • productively have honest conversations, ‘discuss the undiscussable’, and surface reasoning and emotions?
  • actively achieve clarity of relationships, task, roles and broader activities and programmes?
  • learn at single, double, and triple loop level
  • shape a culture which enabled and supported willing productivity
  • measure and remain focused on actual customer value — as the customers see it?

Come along and discuss!

And I’m keen to hear — what do you think are the essential practices for organisation? What are your actual, regular practices?