Events coming up — please join me! Radical procurement, systems thinking, learning, consulting, public services and more…

Benjamin P. Taylor
1 min readMay 31, 2021

-> have you ever seen someone turn purchasing into a creative art form?

-> have you got interesting experiences of community-building for learning?

Share your ideas below!

I’ve got a bunch of open events coming up, join me if you can (all free to attend):

1 June, Systems Change Finland sensemaking session

- What are the qualifications for a systems practitioner work role? How can you apply #SystemsThinking in public sector consulting?

3 June, the public sector show webinar

“The new Green Paper and why we need radical procurement regardless” with Malcolm Harbour, Peter Ware, Anne Davies free webinar

(A taster for the Public Sector Show, 29–30 June )

10 June (and 23 June), RedQuadrant tool shed show-and-tell sessions

23 June — Public services: Are we building back better? Are we learning? What do we want for the days after?

Join me!