Have you progressed in your career?

Benjamin P. Taylor
2 min readMar 17, 2021

I don’t mean moving up the ladder, I mean how have *you* changed?

Miguel Espinosa — under CC2.0 license https://www.flickr.com/photos/argosnet/238603786

I listened back to the first podcast I was ever on, nearly six years ago (link in comments — thanks Rob Worth!), and I’ve been through a number of phases:

> From a wannabe-class warrior — changing the world from a position of ‘righteousness’ (seems so simplistic now in so many ways)

> To an intuitive improver, thrilled to see breakthroughs that made a difference

> To a happy toolhead, wanting everyone to pick up the approaches and break through everywhere!

I went from having a chip on my shoulder and thinking ‘consultants are evil’, to an enthusiastic corporate citizen trying to play the game.

And I went from being a co-founder hoping to ‘change the game’ to… whatever I am now!

It’s easy to see *some* of these patterns, looking back — not necessarily easy to see progress.

But if I’m charitable, there’s a kind of spiral — revisiting the same passions, but perhaps with a tinge more wisdom. And certainly a lot more acceptance of the deep balances that the world maintains, in spite of all our efforts.

Can you see patterns in how you’ve changed over your career? Do you see progression there?