How can you quickly assess how you are doing as a leader?

And how are you actually doing?

Hint: it doesn’t involve navel-gazing, it needs you to #gosee

This is a follow-on to my post about ‘ten principles for (public) service #transformation’ (see here for more:

It’s about how you run the #organisation in a context of meeting citizen and community needs — or, better, help them to avoid ‘needs’ and do what they want in their lives.

Like all these things, the reality is nuanced and hard to do full justice to in a LinkedIn post.

But have a look — which of these are you doing really well on?

Which give rise to questions?

#complexity #publicservice

Note that this is very much an incremental improvement on being ‘organisation focused’ — it doesn’t start with centring in community, place, partnership but it starts with orienting the organisation to be able to do those things… and is still very much work in progress!



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