How do you help good work thrive in the world and increase impact?

For years, I’ve been struggling with three tough challenges:

How to:

> run a network #consultancy: better consultancy at better value, focus on clients and consultants as well as business

> teach and share the good stuff (systems/complexity/cybernetics, public service transformation), steer away from dodgy stuff, without professional sclerosis or certificate milling

> support active communities of practice/enquiry to build and share learning, mutual support, inspiration

I’ve made progress!

At RedQuadrant we stick to our principles and provide excellent client value.

The RedQuadrant #toolshed, the work I’ve supported at SCiO — Systems and Complexity in Organisation #professionall accreditation and the apprenticeship), the Systems Community of Inquiry, other forums, the work we do at The Public Service Transformation Academy, have helped.


Talking to Mikael Seppälä and Pekka Enroth recently, I suddenly realised they can be seen as three aspects of the same problem — a problem to do with creating contexts for #learning, #sharing, and #impact. This opens up new possibilities!

Come to my talk at Systems Change Finland if you want to join this debate!

>>> How do you see these three challenges linking?

Links below the image!


Mucho linko:




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Benjamin P. Taylor

Benjamin P. Taylor

business evolutionary all pieces duplicated at

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