I’m proud of RedQuadrant

Benjamin P. Taylor
2 min readAug 23, 2021


I try to make these posts interesting, challenging, accessible. But today I’m just going to be proud of my company for a minute here.

What’s your big achievement at the moment?

Mine is that we set up in public services consultancy in 2009, just as the good times turned into full-blown austerity.

We survived that, we survived the “Brexit” dry-up in the second half of 2016 (almost no new work for six months — just as we launched the The Public Service Transformation Academy — a not-for-profit social enterprise, with partners).

We survived COVID-19 (to date, anyway) — that was a really tough one, we had to let some people go (and the office). We might even survive the continuing austerity and “Brexit” itself!

And, ten years after qualifying for a cross-#publicsector #procurement framework for the first time, we’ve continued uninterrupted on the ESPO framework.

What’s that? Well, it means any public service in the UK (and charities too) can procure our services in a legal and compliant way, directly or in a mini-competition.

And we did *well*! We got on a record 17 ‘lots’:

We received first or second placing amongst bidders for:

• Revenues and Benefits

• Public #healthcare

• General Finance

• Children’s #SocialCare

• Strategic #IT

• Housing and Housing Support

• Strategic #Projects

• Community Research and Engagement

Top five placings for:

• Business Services

• Adult Social Care

• Regeneration and Regional Development

• Marketing, Communications and PR

• Leisure, Culture and Tourism (including Library Services)

AND we also qualified with high scores for:

• Procurement

• Highways, Traffic and Transport

• Environmental and Sustainability

• Waste and Recycling

This *ain’t* the gravy train.

We still have to bid, most likely competitively, for every piece of work. And then actually deliver, in tough times in critical services.

But that’s the challenge we set ourselves up for!

What are you proud of today?

All our frameworks are shared at: