Is your team or organisation a ‘robust system’?

  • encourage us to make the most of our individual differences, and through habits, rituals, and practices they let us be truly ourselves to offer our talents and uniqueness to the whole. We feel special and recognised for our individuality, free.
  • have ceremonies and cadences that create a compelling overall mission, bring us together for love and connection, to break bread together and modulate our behaviours to fit in with the whole. We feel we belong.
  • encourage us to create very distinct subgroups and offerings that can engage with the world or serve the whole in effective ways. We get to be different!
  • bring us together to actively learn about, share, and incorporate the different practices and cultures that develop in these subgroups. We get to feel comfortable being together.

What sort of system were you thinking of, reading this? What implications do you see?



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