Meta-contextuality, Bongard games, systems thinking, consultancy, transformation

I presented at SCiO ( on Bongard games and concepts of meta-contextuality — slides (with spoilers!) at the dropbox link:

This is an element of the RedQuadrant Leading Transformation blended training — watch this space!


This was a curated and stirred presentation drawn mainly from these sources:

•A first lesson in meta-rationality — David Chapman
Thanks @michaelthaber for the tweet that set me off down this path!

•The Fleas in the Jar Experiment. Who Kills Innovation? The Jar, The Fleas or Both? Chris Bolton

•Locking our own orientation — Chet Richards

•Symmathesy: A Word in Progress — Nora Bateson

•A glimpse at the metaphysics of Bongard problems — Alexandre Linhares

•Metarationality: a messy introduction —

Supporting sources


•Harry Foundalis, Bongard maven:

•Bongard game ‘rules’ (there are none, really):

•Index of Bongard problems:

•Hofstader: Godel, Escher, Bach: the eternal golden braid pp. 646–662

•NB — identify the missing element that completes a pattern

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