Most organisations are zombies.

It doesn’t matter how much the world shouts at them, how much the market pushes back, how much customers gather in defensive blockades. The organisations can’t hear, can’t feel, can’t change direction.

The implications of this are huge. If you’re trapped in a stumbling zombie organisation, you might be heading off a cliff. Pulling the levers of power just doesn’t achieve everything. Everyone’s busy, and has to try to believe they’re doing something important… it can be soul-destroying.

What would it mean for an organisation to be conscious?

I don’t mean some mystical state of enlightenment — I mean the state of being aware of and responsive to one’s surroundings.

Requisite Agility is a new movement helping organisations to wake up — to

  • scan or sense changes in the environment

I’m delighted to be chairing our Conscious Organization conference from October 28–30 — join us if you’d like to get into this powerful idea.

You can use code CONS25 for a special 25% discount off the already-reasonable ticket!

So, if that’s the definition, how conscious is your organisation?



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