Moving into turbulence, uncertainty, novelty, and ambiguity

We are definitely in the next, uncertain phase of the pandemic.

What are the top three things you think that leaders in government, business, and society need to be focused on?

What we see are dozens of different major issues, all interacting…

  • hybrid working
  • how much to ‘return to normal’ and how much to move to a radical new approach
  • the financial pressures of COVID on top of austerity and “Brexit”
  • burnout and trauma in the workforce and community
  • people with very different needs and focus
  • backlogs and built-up pressures, especially in care and health
  • economic impact and changed economic patterns
  • a desire to work from bottom-up and a lack of knowledge about how to do it

Put these in the mix together, you get true complexity!

Here’s our overview from June:

So what do you think the top three priorities should be?

They could be particular issues, ways of working, concepts, principles, whatever… let us know and it will feed in to our thinking!




business evolutionary all pieces duplicated at

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Benjamin P. Taylor

Benjamin P. Taylor

business evolutionary all pieces duplicated at

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