My little freedom day poll: results

Benjamin P. Taylor
2 min readJul 22, 2021


‘Freedom day’ poll now closed — really interesting to me.


(It absolutely wasn’t ‘in the UK — that was dumb of me — it was in England — but you can’t edit poll questions)

Only a quarter of people celebrating outright, only one in five completely condemning the opening up.

A clear majority seem somewhere in between — they’re ‘not going to tear the pants out of it’. And 22 people feeling that they are now more vulnerable and isolated because there’s no longer a legal requirement for distancing and masks. This is a serious and underrated problem.

Meanwhile, the UK has close to the highest tested infection rates in the world, with proportions testing positive suggesting we are very much under-testing. Personally, I’m guessing the next lockdown will come in about six weeks or so.

Personally, I hope everyone will continue to err on the side of caution — masks, vaccines, and lots and lots of airflow — while making the most of living their lives safely. I’m not going into shops or any indoor setting where people are unmasked.

What I really appreciated, though, was the civility of the conversation — clearly very strong emotions and opinions, but I don’t think anyone was called names or disrespectful. That’s a pretty good sign… 🤞

Look after yourselves — and, if you can, look after each other too.