My top LinkedIn posts (you won’t BELIEVE number 77!) ;-)

Benjamin P. Taylor
18 min readDec 9, 2021

I joined LinkedIn way back in April 2007, thanks to a colleague who came back from a course at the Harvard Kennedy School and told me that everyone in the US was on it. Around that period, and particularly from 2009 onwards, it was a good way to tell which public service clients were doing swingeing cuts and redundancies, as all my contacts there started to pop up on the site.

I got in early with LinkedIn groups, back in the days when they were vital, exciting, dynamic places (before LinkedIn killed them), I was a LinkedIn Open Networker, I nearly got fired for mailing 20,000 group members to do a group merger (in the days you could download all the email addresses), I briefly dabbled in LinkedIn Q&As. And I’m sure I tried an app which gave me all the social media details of people I met, and possible people I was near — ‘creative destruction’, rather sadly, is a constant in the tech world. And now I have LinkedIn Live capability (if they haven’t taken it away from me for not using it), and I’m trying a LinkedIn newsletter.

There’s that temptation that here are the brightest, most interesting, most creative people from every industry — connecting with them must be worthwhile!

For the last year and a half or so I’ve been posting ‘intentionally’ on LinkedIn on my areas of interest: systems | cybernetics | complexity, especially in public | service | transformation. And at some point I realised that the dozen-a-day posts I had queued up through BufferApp, shotgunning interesting links across all my areas of interest, were not helpful, and reduced my regular posts to two or three a day. By ‘intentionally’, I mean deliberately trying to get my posts viewed by as many people as possible, and writing longer pieces about some of my core themes. See this post if you want to read about the approach I used (and the people I learned from) to maximise impact.

Anyway, here’s the list, in ascending order of number of views (just because that’s how I stored them in Roam), and some stats at the end. I offer this purely in the spirit of ‘working out loud’ and as an easy reference point for myself! There are some in here that are really throwaway ‘tweets’, a couple of reposts, but I cut out all the posts with views under roughly 1,500 to reduce the incidence of those. Sadly, I didn’t record the date posted.

  1. 1,469 What’s your mission? What are your top three passions? Do you get to express and explore them in your work?
  2. 1,435 power in the middle What do you do when you’re stuck in the middle? How’s that working out for you?
  3. 1,610 Can commissioning truly start from the assets and capabilities of citizens and communities? As we inch towards the post-Covid era, what opportunities and risks are opened up by the massive release of citizen and community assets during the pandemic? asset-based commissioning
  4. 1,660 (video) Do public ‘services’ make things worse? Does help *actually* help?
  5. 1,995 are we building back better — learning for the days after Are we building back better? Are we learning? What do we want for the days after? The days after — a learning community to build back better
  6. 1,811 future of work tribes Three tribes are contesting for the future of work* Which one will you join
  7. 1,823 trauma, shame, and referred pain — and stigma — the dark side of The Force in organiational life
  8. 1,856 habit What have you created a commitment to in your life? What do you think about that?
  9. 1,883 How can we change the world? Exactly — join us and we’ll see!
  10. 1,984 The miracle of the commons
  11. 2,071 What can public services do, in the time of COVID, to nurture a better future? Learning community
  12. 2,098 What would you do to improve this organisation? — another transformation brain teaser!
  13. 2,124 new normal — what brighter future keeps you going?
  14. 2,216 how dominant/other patterns create system fragility
  15. 2,207 It 2021. Why haven’t organisations learned: — that ‘help’ chatbots on websites are inherently crap — that intrusive loud interruptions to their hold music to say how busy they are just irritate — that COVID is no longer an excuse for lack of service? Yes, I am on hold to @vodafoneUK, why do you ask
  16. 2,326 Here’s my latest newsletter with all my top links from this week, and issues 4–6 of my getrevue newsletter.
  17. 2,326 Transduction — leading transformation — Issue #26
  18. 2,275 immunity to change What could you change with a little more compassion and insight?
  19. 2,358 “Tape” of Ackoff’s Bell Lab Lecture
  20. 2,312 Ask me anything (and public sector show)
  21. 2,391 NLP/witchcraft
  22. 2,404 triple loop learning 454 Video post:
  23. 2,461 Recruiting / hiring — bid and operations manager
  24. 2,465 People who don’t have their full name visible in signature (or at least email address), don’t repeat their email address in their signature, and don’t have their mobile phone number in their email sig: please note, this is mildly inconvenient to me. Please remedy this.
  25. 2,492 What’s one thing which really seems to explain a lot of your behaviour? For me (and this is real disclosure, I think), it seems to be ‘impress the teacher’. I’m sure it’s *entirely* coincidental that both my parents were teachers(!)
  26. 2,501 link — how McKinsey destroyed the Middle Class
  27. 2,553 organisational Jedis confront themselves with love
  28. 2,554 Has anyone got a good foundational text or definition for ‘polycontextuality’?
  29. 2,574 ‘five questions for people in power’
  30. 2,578 The Campaign Against Consultancy
  31. 2,594 fog of authority What would you call the ‘fallacious’ argument style that is all about arguing from/on someone’s own territory? A mix of ‘read my book and my PhD and these twenty blogs and these ten papers, then you’ll understand’ (in comments on others’ posts), and paras that pack in a dozen fancy words or phrases that are not explained, where seeking elucidation draws another dozen complex concepts? There must be a military metaphor… attack and feint back to draw into your territory… Falsus parum rubra (fake little red riding hood)
  32. 2,626 structural coupling
  33. 2,637 Hero’s Journey meme
  34. 2,687 The RedQuadrant tool shed free sample sessions 10 June 2021 > Would you like a nosey around my tool shed? Free show-and-tell sessions in the RedQuadrant tool shed
  35. 2,689 Become an organisational Jedi in the The RedQuadrant tool shed
  36. 2,735 (video) how do you feel when you realise how much you took after your parents?
  37. 2,742 Have you progressed in your career? I don’t mean moving up the ladder, I mean how have *you* changed?
  38. 2,784 test in the real world (concierge solution)
  39. 2,850 Breaking the Shell pre-mortem / change exercise
  40. 2,879 You should never publish your values or behaviours if you want culture change culture shaping
  41. 2,919 oboe (and worlds) What’s your favourite example to illustrate radically different ‘worlds’? Consider the oboe.
  42. 2,937 Want to talk about radical #procurement, #systemsthinking, # learning practices , #consulting, #publicservices? 2021–06 events
  43. 2,968 The universe is greebling The unfolding and self-expression of the universe, ongoing complexification, unfurling, greebling
  44. 2,972 welcome to the suck
  45. 2,976 leadership for transformation — ten principles for public service transformation
  46. 3,024 Sensemaking and worlds
  47. 3,033 Is the change curve a myth?
  48. 3,056 Quality Improvement can be dangerous
  49. 3,119 public sector procurement
  50. 3,121 A fool’s quest for the first use of the phrase ‘systems thinking’
  51. 3,157 how would you improve this organisation? (video link)
  52. 3,220 The inconvenience of systems thinking
  53. 3,227 Peter Block community exercise How do you get people to connect to each other quickly? What do you do for warmups that aren’t just a ‘throwaway’?
  54. 3,231 Gabriel Garcia Marquez — love in the time of cholera Gabriel Garcia Marquez knew a thing or two about management. And about change management. Do you know any example of ‘general sections’ in organisations? What are they really for? t
  55. 3,247 six core human needs
  56. 3,209 the collective journey The world is grey — and it’s a lot more interesting that way. What does the shift to the collective journey mean to you?
  57. 3,644 public sector tendering £300k bid submitted 1 October for work to run November-June. Excellent bid, couple of late nights, lots of work.
  58. 3,812 cyber-insurance
  59. 3,660 threshold concept / boundary ideas What idea changed the way you see the world?
  60. 3,309 data principles: seven deadly sins
  61. 3,466 the seven per cent rule
  62. 3,510 five worlds Which world do you live in? And what do you see about your service using the lens of the ‘five worlds’?
  63. 3,589 customer contact performance measurement >> What was your worst customer experience recently?
  64. 3,691 bridge and water
  65. 3,703 fit and stretch to work
  66. 3,773 Why do they say my country doesn’t exist? a very personal post from me today What did you once have, that can never come back? And what do you want to hold on to, now, as a result?
  67. 3,828 human responses and partnership — the dark side Colonialism and the Thanatosian urge
  68. 3,844 multiple ways of looking at organisations
  69. 3,831 what will it actually take to make place-based working work? Systems leadership and systems change — what are we trying to achieve? What is your approach to systems change or systems leadership? What do these practices mean to you?
  70. 3,934 systems don’t exist / do systems exist?
  71. 3,958 In naming #systemsconvening, a new ‘thing’ has been created. Is this a real, powerful creation — a naming of something which needed a name, bringing forth something positive and powerful? Or is it an abuse of positive case studies to name a theory which benefits only the creators and generates enthusiasm and confusion in an unproductive direction?
  72. 3,958 the great big shit-shovelling machine What’s the equivalent in *your* organisation?
  73. 4,000 What random thing do you believe you invented?
  74. 4,046 What would you like me to write about?
  75. 4,106 onerous procurement I’m up late because I’m reviewing a training ITT which says:
  76. 4,115 complexity is not a paradigm shift
  77. 4,266 I’m on holiday!
  78. 4,294 Ten principles — checklist for leaders How can you quickly assess how you’re doing as a leader in public services? And how are you doing?
  79. 4,444 I share a lot — should I carry on?
  80. 4,489 Death march projects (reboot)
  81. 4,537 five core practices
  82. 4,578 What’s the force and how to join — including management cybernetics slides
  83. 4,604 XKCD cartoon ‘fields arrange by purity’
  84. 4,702 There’s been a kerfuffle about ‘stage theory’. What do you think?
  85. 4,986 service discovery: What tools, approaches, perspectives do you reach for when you have to review an organisation, service, team, or department? Here’s my ‘go to’ list when I am asked to look at a whole ‘service’, usually in public services. What do you use? How does it compare?
  86. 5,034 What gives you the foundations that enable change? Here’s my philosophy, a summary of my recent talk at Conscious Organisation.
  87. 5,033 What wold you like to see more of?
  88. 5,042 seven ways to save and improve
  89. 5,058 public service business model canvas
  90. 5,110 learning and innovation about citizen fire safety Lives are being lost because we’re not learning >> Why do you think the system is not responding? >> What do you think might be a way forward?
  91. 5,510 the adaptive council
  92. 5,540 Seven steps to heaven — team decision-making in complexity decision-making clarity
  93. 5,518 factors 1–10
  94. 5,684 After weeks of intensively bringing together everything I’ve ever learned, written, and worked on for years, and frantic writing and organising, I’m at the ‘what even is a book?’ ‘how do a book work?’ stage of writing.
  95. 5,703 recognition! It’s very nice, isn’t it?
  96. 5,712 What name would you choose, if you had to rename yourself? And why am I antlerboy? The power of names, part two!
  97. 5,718 commissioning is an approach to transformation
  98. 5,821 £3m for 8 weeks of consultancy work: McKinsey given contract to advise on tech project business cases
  99. 5,830 Good Help / no fixing, helping, or advising Today I want to invite you to meditate on two quotes which seem to challenge some of our most basic and closely-held assumptions:
  100. 5,818 (video 1 April 2021) I’ve done it! I’ve put together everything I know about #systemsthinking in this video!
  101. 5,981 the possibilities of organisation (MacCallum) What do you see, when you look at the first modern org chart?
  102. 6,019 How the heck do I make decisions in complexity?
  103. 6,022 three box model How often do things go wrong because of lack of clarity?
  104. 6,063 Zombie vs conscious organisation
  105. 6,250 McKinsey: Agility — it rhymes with stability
  106. 6,366 standardise when you can, customise when you should (customer intimacy)
  107. 6,558 The RedQuadrant tool shed What’s the favourite tool you have in your tool shed? What would you like to add?
  108. 6,711 What do you think when you see someone flying this flag?
  109. 6,763 commissioning is dead , long live commissioning
  110. 6,765 Conscious Organisation masterclass — Bhaskar Goswami What are you working hard to achieve in life, where the working hard is self-defeating? So what are you putting effort into, where you would get better results by letting go?
  111. 6,779 gilbfest In world of infinite overlapping possibility and multiple, irreconcilable differences, what does #education mean?
  112. 6,808 Resolving the awkward paradox in Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organisations reinventing organisations (reinventing organizations)
  113. 6,887 They say, among the people of the coast
  114. 7,048 there are two fundamental outlooks on life…
  115. 7,312 Have you heard of transduction? Can you think of an example? What is transduction and why is it important? Can you think of an example?
  116. 7,522 ESPO framework I’m just going to be proud of my company for a minute here. What’s your big achievement at the moment?
  117. 7,649 RedQuadrant name story The power of names, part 1 — why RedQuadrant? How did you name your company? Or what would you name *your* startup
  118. 7,846 the campaign against consultancy
  119. 7,928 want to illustrate complexity without really understanding it?
  120. 8,214 the left-hand column exercise What would happen if you said what you really thought?
  121. 8,342 Speaking gigs Speaking gigs — what do you think of them? Do you have tips how to get the best results out of them?
  122. 8,421 complexity all the way down irreducible complexity
  123. 8,435 empty homes — what caused this strange pattern in the data?
  124. 8,579 Revue newsletter launch I’m launching a newsletter on Revue! What do you think of it?
  125. 8,587 Find the work, find the joy — are we here to fight alligators, or drain the swamp? If we find the real work, we’ll find the joy…
  126. 8,927 the ‘double diamond’ >>Where do ideas come from, and who owns them?
  127. 9,588 commissioning is dead What do you call an approach that moves #publicservices from ‘spending money on services to meet needs’ to ‘intervening and learning in the complex systems that actually shape our lives’?
  128. 10,026 Once you know about context cues, you will start seeing them everywhere. And there are big implications.
  129. 10,454 hitting the target but missing the point (watermelon projects) The traffic lights will kill us all one day — unless the watermelons get us first. Here’s the account of a former US Marine, Lucas Kunce, who served twice in Afghanistan and in Iraq, as narrated to The Kansas City Star. What are your favourite examples of ‘hitting the target but missing the point’?
  130. 10,665 What do you think of FestivalUK*2022? Or, as it’s better known, the ‘Festival of “Brexit”’?
  131. 10,672 What sort of posts do you want from me? (POLL)
  132. 11,689 metaphor
  133. 11,763 redquadrant awayday September 2021 I’m in a quandary. Would you run a face-to-face awayday for a dispersed UK/international team in September?
  134. 11,896 2021–06–30 Public Sector Show What can you do with your procurement to make a difference to the world?
  135. 12,058 The fallacy of “what gets measured gets managed”
  136. 12,347 systems convening Something new has been named: #systemsconvening Do you know systems conveners? Are you one?
  137. 12,581 going from long beautiful reports to engagement and delivery — What did you used to think *was* your job, but you can now do without?
  138. 13,014 Lean Agile Stockport five core practices What do you think are the most essential practices for organisation?
  139. 13,373 ‘Clarity is kindness’ says Brene Brown. So here’s an easy way to generate #clarity what’s your favourite way to do it?
  140. 14,223 Bongard games, meta-contextuality and sensemaking and the limits of method
  141. 14,247 four quadrants of thinking threat
  142. 14,570 Herding Cats selection of complexity links, and accidentally the complexity map
  143. 15,302 Is your team or organisation a ‘robust system’? Do you have the right balance of dynamics to engage with the world with love and power, to be fully yourselves and fully the whole?
  144. 15,960 What is work? What’s your definition? It’s a deeply cybernetic concept — and it’s incredibly useful to realise this.
  145. 16,563 There is no transformation without customer insight. >> What’s your favourite tip for customer or citizen insight?
  146. 16,694 Where is your organisation on the learning ladder of purpose ? (and it’s a truly awful name — what should we actually call it?)
  147. 17,871 a quite serious post from me this week — how do we stop ‘ doomed to succeed ‘ ‘death march’ projects?
  148. 18,203 exiting from stress How do we exit from stress gracefully? t’s often *after* the stress that the problems kick in. What shall we do when the immediate storm is over, but we’re just not quite right? What’s your top tip for exiting from stress gracefully?
  149. 18,675 What have I learned from 100 intentional LinkedIn posts? 👉 What I learned from 100 intentional LinkedIn posts 👈🏻 What’s your favourite post? What do you take from this learning? What do you think I should learn?
  150. 19,410 Why is it so hard to get people engaged in paid online events these days?
  151. 19,615 brown contract Have you heard of the brown contract? 💩
  152. 19,640 We are definitely in the next, uncertain phase of the pandemic. What are the top three things you think that leaders in government, business, and society need to be focused on?,874 the human knot The Human Knot. What does this remind you of? Why is it so useful, do you think?
  153. 20,225 Taylor’s Law What’s your favourite saying that you invented?* What Law would bear your name?
  154. 21,631 Have you ever seen #consultants deliver the right thing — in the wrong time and place? Go wrong because they were trying to impose their model, not adapt to circumstances? What’s the one thing you’d like to add to your consulting toolkit? This week is the last week to sign up to the RedQuadrant tool shed autumn cohorts!
  155. 23,275 How do you show respect and collect learning when involved in organisational change? This is a small workshop exercise I call ‘the timeline of respect’.
  156. 27,137 Have you ever seen #changemanagement used for evil? To give people a false sense of input into a foregone conclusion? What other failures of change management can you think of?
  157. 28,497 Cybernetics is not the banana. Wat? What are we offering the world?
  158. 30,251 Can you take a challenge you are faced with and identify the technical and the adaptive elements?
  159. 38,246 So, today in the UK is ‘freedom day’ We all want freedom — but what does it mean?
  160. 38,938 Here’s a puzzle for you, another ‘whodunnit’. What do you think is the ‘wrong answer’ that they persisted with some time? (Hint: it involved a broken arm and something threatening to sue). And the ‘better answer’ after a lot of thinking and engagement with the local people (which we assisted with)
  161. 40,381 Transformation is a load of old b*ll*cks, isn’t it? Five questions to get thinking Which service would you like to ask these five questions of?
  162. 65,127 >> What capability do public services most need in 2022 and beyond? <<
  163. 66,286 Will you come to a conference that doesn’t have all the answers? Requisite Agility unleashed
  164. 91,383 Do you want to do the work of the future, or the past? Which work are you currently doing? Where do you see the biggest gap in agility in businesses in the present moment? Requisite Agility unleashed
  165. 96,077 What question would you like to have answered about ‘conscious organisation’?
  166. 103,932 systems convening 💡 Do you enable learning across boundaries? 💡 Can you connect people across silos? 💡 Are you able to bring a broader view to local settings? Have you heard of systems conveners? Are you one? Or do you simply want to learn more about this approach? Please like, share, and comment here:
  167. 122,311 What’s your most controversial view about #digitaltransformation?
  168. 315,841 Do you want a job in the future? Is my theory crazy? I believe that the future of work is — no jobs. why employment is a bad idea

In total that’s over 2,000,000 views; don’t you people have work to do?! A scary number (though of course a ‘view’ is not a ‘read’, it’s some LinkedIn calculation on clicking to see the whole thing/’dwell time’ etc).

The average of this selection is 12,000 views, the median is something like 4,800 (so the bigger posts skew it), and (in another exciting installment of Bad Data), the distribution looks like this: