#Recognition! It’s very nice, isn’t it?

Benjamin P. Taylor
1 min readApr 8, 2021

I got two bits of nice news that made me stop and think.

As a privileged person, able to get a lot of ‘pats’ of positive feedback, I’m not /short/ of recognition.

But… actually… life’s never all that easy, is it?

We bid for work. We do well, but the losses outweigh the wins. A lot of work for nothing!

Our work is organisational change in public services. It doesn’t always go perfectly, and even when it does, the next thing is overdue!

I run a #business, and that can be thankless work.

Plus I put so much effort into sharing and learning and spreading the word about systems/cybernetic/complexity…

I’ve always poo-pooed certificates and courses and letters after names.

But then I got back my evaluation on the SCiO #Competency Framework. Should be easy (I’m on the board)… but it was tough peer review…

I got Advanced Practitioner! And a certificate! Almost an ology.

And I learned I’ve been recognised by of another learned society; the Cybernetics Society. Entitled to Letters after my name, no less.

It’s vanity; it’s just a bit of paper and some words.

But no, actually, it does mean something to be recognised, doesn’t it?

What have you been recognised for recently?

Or what would you like to recognise *yourself* for?