RedQuadrant is seeking a consulting management trainee with two years’ consultancy and/or public service experience

Benjamin P. Taylor
2 min readOct 5, 2022

I’m looking for someone with two years’ experience in consulting and/or public sector change to work directly with me to increase our ability to help public services in these challenging times.

Apply here:

We have a long tradition in RedQuadrant of hiring to a role we call ‘management trainee’ — someone with just enough experience to hit the ground running, who has the energy and passion to learn all about our complex business, increasing my impact on bids, client work, and managing the organisation.

And we’ve had absolutely brilliant people, who have gone on to great careers in consulting, consulting management, public service, and more.

I think it’s a fantastic career opportunity for someone to really accelerate their public service consulting career, learn a lot, quickly, and grow quickly within the business.

It’s remote first — with the possibility of working on client sites occasionally. I am open to receiving ‘unusual’ applications within the pay band from someone who really has the enthusiasm and skills to make a big impact for us, but might be coming from a different starting point to what we would assume.

And watch this space soon for a role in operations management and bid writing in our dynamic business too.