something is happening here and we have some clue what it is… #localgovcamp, #oneteamgov etc…

Here’s an email I sent out to #localgovcamp attendees, which might be of more general interest!

Below is a little smorgasbord of the write-ups and reflections from #localgovcamp that you may or may not have picked up on.

I also wanted to add my voice to the cautious optimism of Phil Rumens’ post below.

Every *govcamp I’ve been to has been a positive experience (despite the early starts, weekend migraines etc), and every one has opened my mind a little. This year, however, it felt like we had been through a bit of a hype/commiseration cycle (we can change the world! why are the b*stards stopping us from changing the world?!) — and come out the other side. Not necessarily a massive breakthrough, but a quiet determination of a group of intelligent, motivated, self-selecting people that we can — and will — have a real influence on how public services get delivered.

I’ve done my little bit to try to connect #localgovcamp and #oneteamgov ( — some people from oneteamgov were at the camp, but none of us had thought to post in the slack (including Gavin, who was our host in the wonderful Bristol space).

And I’ll do more by pushing to try to get ‘digital’ into LGA peer reviews, by trying to work with localgovdigital and SOLACE to get digital leadership further onto Chief Exec agendas, by taking forward other actions from the sessions and through the opennness and support we can offer through the Public Service Transformation Academy.

But I know that whatever I do, there are capable people out there — not quite a guerilla insurgency, but serious people making good decisions and advocating intelligently, who will be pushng the agenda regardless. It’s exciting, and having seen so many dreams of transformation dashed — and (especially in the past year) reminders that political and social progress that seem solid and embedded can just wash away — it’s very very encouraging.

Please have a look at the links below and do what you can to be a part of it.

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My little article ‘On the new guerrilla initiative hype/enthusiasm cycle, the uses of naivety, and becoming a Jedi’

The RedQuadrant view on customer-centred service transformation (pragmatic, business case based, focused on delivering benefits):

Help us out — we (the PSTA) will be publishing a ‘State of Transformation’ report next May. We want to know what *actually* works for *actual* transformation. So we have in this doc a ‘mission statement’ — feel free to edit — and I need the name of real (thought) leaders in transformation who might contribute:

The future of commissioning and public service transformation — slides and voiceover:

‘Digital is dead — long live self-service’ (session write-up)

Phil Rumens’ blog which sums up the reason for optimisim better than I:

“I’m from Central Government, I’m here to help!” — Paul Maltby from DCLG

What can we do to move the conversation on (to action)? — with actions identified and allocated!

All the things! for real digital transformation, from Sarah Prag (complete with must-have Trello board) —

And hacking #socialcare

Also, check out the (mostly free) Public Service Transformation Academy events at:

business evolutionary all pieces duplicated at

business evolutionary all pieces duplicated at