Stochastic parrots will keep us trapped in our own mediocrity

Benjamin P. Taylor
1 min readMar 6


LinkedIn is now doing banal AI-generated articles on a range of ‘business’ topics and inviting ‘experts’ to ‘contribute’, within pre-defined subsections.

They’re so far off the mark that they’re not even wrong. They make sweeping generalizations and provide trite advice that is completely disconnected from the real world of business, and will of course contain errors, plagiarism, and/or bias.

It’s insulting that they reduce complex issues to simplistic platitudes, assuming a one-size fits all approach, remove any hint of true critical thinking, and present ‘advice’ in the form of a lazy first-year undergraduate essay; perfect form, zero thinking or insight.

They perpetuate the same tired stereotypes and assumptions about business that have been around for decades. They fail to recognize the complexities and challenges of modern organisations and society, and provide simplistic solutions that are of little use in the real world.

Here’s an example

Obviously, I’m just jealous because they will, inevitably, perfect the form in terms of content/algorithm fit, and deprive me of the small measure of attention to which I have become accustomed 🙂