Ten principles for public service transformation

Which do you think is most important? Is anything missing?

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  1. Purpose: Founded on strong, shared understanding of:
    organisational intent — what we exist to do — and citizen purposes in their lives

2. Measure and work to meet these purposes

3. Customer-centred design: channels, processes, and services designed to meet demand, to reduce need, to support purpose

4. Architecture: organisation, leadership structures, ICT, accommodation, and other enablers designed to support (3)

5. Clarity and fit of roles, tasks, relationships, intent

6. Intentional culture shaping for motivation and discretionary effort

7. Systems and #complexity awareness: lead and manage with an understanding of the underlying patterns which can create conflict and waste, and offer psychological safety for those in the organisation and for clients

8. Change navigation: deliver both technical and adaptive change and blend change interventions appropriately

9. #systemschange: create the possibilities for citizens to make better choices for themselves

10. Learning: at multiple levels, through constructive conversations, bravery, honesty, and reflective practice

What would you add?



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