Thanks for pinging me, Dyfrig.

What I appreciate about the McKnight paper is that it is about committed, lived activism and a sincere belief emerging from practice. I understand your point, but I do think that the paper somewhat acknowledges the space for services as well as their risks.

What it does show is that there’s nothing new under the sun — I’m sure 1991 wasn’t the starting point for this thinking (in fact, I’m convinced some scholar of Greek, Egyptian, the Bible etc could find us a reference).

I think your post is a hugely valuable contribution for two reasons:

  1. it shows historical awareness
  2. it shows awareness of the risks of polarisation and ‘not that, this’ness which is great for brand awareness and marketing,

We need much more of this complexification of dealing with community, services, complexity etc — all too often we see a ‘paradigm shift’ claimed without dealing with the complexities of transition or change, or the application of a four-box model.

And by the way, since you raise a link between ABCD and servant leadership, John McKnight went there in 1995 to make another subtle point,

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