The speakularity. The total transcription event horizon. The legipocalypse.

Benjamin P. Taylor
2 min readMay 14, 2024


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One day — and very soon — everything you ever do or say will be recorded, transcribed, accessible, searchable, and interpretable.

That day just came a lot closer with the release of ‘hashtag#GPT4o’ ( — a version of the hashtag#LargeLangaugeModel that can work with live video feed and a bunch more real-time, sensory inputs.

I’ve been thinking about this every since I read this 2010 piece from Matt Thompson

As with all big technological shifts, the implications will be small and slow, until they are big and fast.

Here’s my stab, using McLuhan’s media tetrad:
- It will enhance our ability to navigate and extract meaning from an ocean of spoken words, transforming ephemeral speech into enduring text. speed, pace
- It will obsolesce privacy, secrets, lies, and the version notion of off’-the-record’ conversations, as privacy yields to perpetual documentation and the traditional boundaries between spoken language and written records.
- It will retrieve an era akin to the ancient bards who relied on the power of the spoken word to inform, entertain, and educate — only this time, spoken words gain permanence. So iterations, versions, blended stories. And it will retrieve unending retrieval!
- It will reverse into a new kind of noise, where the sheer volume of transcribed speech overwhelms, obscuring as much as it clarifies.

The transcribulation threshold, the Babel codex, the logosingularity, the universal transcript.

What do you think it will mean when your every word is recorded, transcribed, and searchable?

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