There are five core things which, if you make them your practice, are likely to lead to organisational success.

Three basics:

1. honest conversations, discussing the undiscussable of emotions and reasoning — nothing can develop unless there’s a shared effort to get at the truth

2. clarity — no learning is possible, and productivity and
psychological safety are unlikely, without clarity of roles, tasks, decision-making, and relationships

3. learning — true learning isn’t possible without planning, prediction, and learning and reflective practices

These three create a *learning system*

4. Culture shaping, understanding that leaders and systems and emotional responses to them create conditions which generate psychological safety and productivity — or not.

A productive system.

5. Intent — measure customer / citizen / community outcomes — as *they* judge them.

A purposeful system.

Culture and achievement of intent are *self-correcting* measures — if you measure the actual outcomes of your practices; the experience of employees and customers, and learn what works, you can’t go wrong.

But you have to make them a *practice* — daily, built-in, acknowledging your weaknesses.

Download the ‘five core practices’ here:

Which practice do you need to work on the most?

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