This is part 11 of my series on The Force in organisational life. The rest can be accessed here:

- Parts 1-4 (the purpose of the system is what it does, the hidden essential organisatioanal logic, the inevitability of the shaping of culture by leaders and systems, and the importance of 'Worlds')

- and on Medium

- Wordpress

- Part 5 - how dominant/other patterns create system fragility

- Part 6 - the dark side of human responses

- part 7 - structural coupling

- part 8 - control, framing, paradigms, politics, self-knowledge, and lust for power!

- parts 5-8

- on linkedin:

- on medium:

- on wordpress:

- part 9 - fit and stretch of work to people

- part 10 - Human needs and the impact of trauma, shame, and referred pain




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