This week I spoke at #leanagileUK on ‘five core practices’ for effective organisations

Benjamin P. Taylor
1 min readJul 15, 2021


Thanks to Matt Turner — and Dinah Turner did this great piece of graphic facilitation.

Graphic facilitation by Dinah Turner

These are five *generous* practices — they work well for novices and sophisticates alike.

They are intentionally *practices*, not claims to excellence, ‘values’, or ‘principles’:

  • ways to work on honest, productive conversations which work towards shared meaning and make both reasoning and emotions discussable
  • ways to work towards clarity of relationships, boundaries and freedoms, tasks, roles, and project and programme purposes
  • ways to build practices of triple-loop learning (do thing better, reframe understanding of the situation, evolve our own identity)
  • ways to shape a culture that, through positive gut, core emotional responses to the organisation and its leaders, enables discretionary effort — passionate, full-blooded work!
  • ways to keep a self-correcting measure of delivery of customer/citizen value

Supported with the right framing and facilitation (hey! this is fractal!), this helps organisations work on learning, productivity, and purpose… more links below!

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