Thriving in the space of service — for consultants, coaches, facilitators, business partners…

Have you ever been asked to help, and ended up feeling abused and misused? Why did it go that way?

Whether you’re part of a bunch of #consultants dealing with a #management issue, a coach, mentor, a friend, an HR or Finance Business Partner, or leading a radical #innovation process to help them to be fit for the #future — why does it end so disappointingly, so often?


Cloaked with my great mantle of wisdom, I descend upon you and guarantee that, if you just follow my prescription, all will be well with your world…


“Always obedient to your grace’s will, I come to know your pleasure” says Angelo to the Duke in Measure for Measure.

Barry Oshry — the Space of Service
Peter Block — Flawless Consulting

When have you been in the ‘space of service’? How did that work out for you?



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