Transduction — leading transformation — Issue #10

Top phive of the week

Systems Convening (Wenger — Trayner) — Systems Changes — Open Learning Commons ¦ David Ing


Systems Science, Cybernetics, and Complexity | Gary S. Metcalf and Stuart A. Kauffman (2021)

Absorptive capacity — Wikipedia | Systems Community of Inquiry

Luke Craven on Twitter: “Lots of questions for the brains trust this week:

A Frame for Deframing in Strategic Analysis | Dunbar et al (1996) | Systems Community of Inquiry
A Frame for Deframing in Strategic Analysis R. Dunbar, R. Garud, S. Raghuram Published 1996 Computer Science Journal of Management Inquiry Deframing processes are needed to deal with pervasive change. We describe what is meant by a frame and how strategy analysts develop and rely on frames to help their understanding. We also discuss the…

The Sciences of Complexity and “Origins of Order” | Kauffman (1990)

ISSS conference 2021 videos online | Systems Community of Inquiry


Oneteamgov’s one big goal for 2022 (and a few smaller ones)

Level with us: Lords told social value must be 100% objective
The House of Lords has been exploring how public services can be bolder in ‘levelling up’ communities around the UK. Three experts told the Lords Public Sector Services Committee why 15% ‘added value’ isn’t good enough.

After “Jane-Jacobs-Thought”| Doug Saunders | 2021 — Systems Changes — Open Learning Commons

Organisational development / transformation

Ethics in public service

Environmental and social justice




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