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I’m giving the practitioner keynote in the systems thinking stream at the OR Society’s 63rd Annual Conference

Conscious Organization conference, 7–8 October

I’m proud of RedQuadrant
I try to make these posts interesting, challenging, accessible. But today I’m just going to be proud of my company for a minute here. What’s your big achievement at the moment? Mine is that we set up in public services consultancy in 2009, just as the good times turned into full-blown austerity. We survived that, … Continue reading I’m proud of RedQuadrant →

Systems convening
Do you enable learning across boundaries? Can you connect people across silos? Are you able to bring a broader view to local settings? Have you heard of systems conveners? Are you one? Or do you simply want to learn more about this approach? Please like, share, and comment here: Register for the launch on 2 September: Download … Continue reading Systems convening →

Finally — I’m seen! | Wenger-Trayner | Systems Community of Inquiry

public | service | transformation

RedQuadrant qualifies for a record 17 lots on cross-public service framework contract
Launching today, the new iteration of the ESPO Consultancy Services Framework. Run by the Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation on behalf of all UK public services (and accessible to charities and other bodies too), we are proud to have been on this framework for ten years. This is a record year for us, though, as we […]

Mark Pack 🔶 on Twitter: “THE MOST GLORIOUS BUREAUCRACY: Got a reason today as to why the leak is still a-leaking. Thames Water need a permit to do the repair. They have a permit, but it’s the wrong sort. But they can’t apply for the right permit until the wrong permit, which they can’t use, expires.…"
Fifteen months and one day update: leak is still a-leaking. No repair date yet from @thameswater…

David Brindle on Twitter: “Uh oh — government #socialcare reform thinking ‘felt like it was from the 1980s’ …… “
Your description for this link…

Adrian Reed on Twitter: “Did you know there’s a Gov UK website listing which local authorities are asking for help (goods/services) for refugees, and even if your area isn’t listed you can let them know what you can offer. See tweet below……"

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “£3bn gap looms for councils"

Environmental and social justice, ethics in public life

UK spending far more on polluting policies than green ones, says WWF
Just £145m of budget went on environment with £40bn spent on emissions-increasing measures, says charity

Rachel Coldicutt on Twitter
This is a fascinating thread to pull if you’re interested in moral panic as a regulatory mechanism in a capitalist society.

jake lingwood on Twitter

Aric Toler on Twitter: “The FBI got bored of trying to convince 17-yeas-old Muslims to try and blow up the Brooklyn Bridge, and have moved on to running white supremacist publishing houses and kidnapping governors.…"
This is potentially massive. It’s been confirmed in court documents that Joshua Sutter, one of the Atomwaffen leaders (and one of the biggest O9A proponents), is an FBI informant. More here:

‘Govt by satire:’ Botham, Donaldson and Hoey installed as trade envoys — costly reactions

Debra Allcock Tyler: There’s little honour in the old system — so let’s start over | Third Sector
Admirable people from all walks of life are recognised with honours, but this horribly flawed system seems rigged to reflect existing inequalities and power structures

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “Siri, show me ‘victim blaming’… “

The patriarchy is dead … but the kyriarchy lives on | Nichi Hodgson | The Guardian
Nichi Hodgson: ‘Patriarchy’ is no longer relevant when ethnicity, class, education and gender, intersect to oppress men and women alike

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “Care home giant HC-One hikes fees for residents while owners cash in Sir David Behan CBE Appointed Chair of HC-ONE"

Sam Freedman on Twitter

Elite Education | The Point Magazine
One of the wonders of modern academia is that the ideal of workplace democracy should be so prevalent among people who regularly endure faculty meetings. […]

Cautioning Health-Care Professionals: Bereaved Persons Are Misguided Through the Stages of Grief — Margaret Stroebe, Henk Schut, Kathrin Boerner, 2017
Science and practice seem deeply stuck in the so-called stage theory of grief. Health-care professionals continue to “prescribe” stages. Basically, this perspective endorses the idea that bereaved …

systems | complexity | cybernetics

Abeba Birhane on Twitter: “Artificial Intelligence, A Guide for Thinking Humans — Melanie Mitchell

The Impossibility of Automating Ambiguity | Birhane (2021) | Systems Community of Inquiry

The Ghost in the System:

Democratizing Access To The Tools For Transformation | by Otto Scharmer | Field of the Future Blog | Aug, 2021 | Medium

Measuring Narrative Change, v2.0 ORS Impact (2021)
Measuring Narrative Change: Understanding Progress and Navigating Complexity Measuring Narrative Change, v2.0

Maurice Yolles: Autopoietic Efficacy — A Metacybernetic View — Some Ideas — YouTube (Club of Remy) | Systems Community of Inquiry
Maurice Yolles: Autopoietic Efficacy — A Metacybernetic View — Some Ideas (1) Maurice Yolles: Autopoietic Efficacy — A Metacybernetic View — Some Ideas — YouTube

The Game B research archive and: The under-appreciated drive for sense-making — Chater and Loewenstein (2015) | Systems Community of Inquiry
I have an affection for and an interest in ‘Game B’ and/but I can’t help thinkin there’s a peculiarly ‘Game A’, rationalist drive behind it. Like the thinking is almost there, but not quite… anyway, this is a nice example — a nice article but not a framing that fundamentally appeals to me. From the…

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “Going, going, gone… and start again — Tom Graves / Tetradian

“Metamodernism / Sensemaking Philosophy | °Milleplateaux"

“Bateson on Information — Sloman (2018)"

“Disorder/Order: Discovery or Invention? | von Foerster (1984)"

Organisational development / transformation

The Dynamics of Vertical and Horizontal Diversity in Organization and Society — Susan M. Awbrey, 2007

More brain food

Philip Agre predicted technology’s pitfalls and then he disappeared — The Washington Post
Philip Agre earned his PhD in 1989 in computer science, but his greatest impact came when he left the technical side of the field and helped create the field of social informatics, or the study of how technology and humanity interact. Then he disappeared, leaving behind a legacy of work that was eerily prescient in predicting how technology would impact society.

A biography of the pixel, the elementary particle of pictures | Aeon Essays — Alvy Ray Smith
Pixel: a biography A biography of the pixel, the elementary particle of pictures | Aeon Essays Pixel: a biography An exact mathematical concept, pixels are the elementary particles of pictures, based on a subtle unpacking of infinityWoody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story (1995). Main image courtesy of Pixar Animation Studios; all additional inset diagrams © Alvy […]


Wally the wandering walrus sets up home on a motorboat | World News | Sky News
An appeal has been launched in Co Cork for a pontoon for Wally to use as a ‘safe haul-out site’. Walruses are semi-aquatic and must come up on land to rest.



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