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I’m honoured and strangely overawed to be giving the systems thinking stream practitioner keynote, with Angela Espinosa giving the academic keynote, and some truly brilliant sessions in the stream)

I’m hosting and presenting on what feels like an important theme; how can organisations become more conscious?

Benjamin P. Taylor on LinkedIn: Australasian Change Days — join us!
What would you like to learn about organisational change? I’m super excited to be speaking with a stellar set of speakers — Rory Sutherland, no less, …
I try to make these posts interesting, challenging, accessible. But today I’m just going to be proud of my company for a minute here. What’s your big achievement at the moment? Mine is that we set up in public services consultancy in 2009, just as the good times turned into full-blown austerity. We survived that, … Continue reading I’m proud of RedQuadrant →
Do you enable learning across boundaries? Can you connect people across silos? Are you able to bring a broader view to local settings? Have you heard of systems conveners? Are you one? Or do you simply want to learn more about this approach? Please like, share, and comment here: Register for the launch on 2 September: Download … Continue reading Systems convening →

Systems conveners: essential workers long term In 2014, we wrote a chapter on what we called “systems conveners,” people who work to increase learning capability across a whole social landscape that includes many practices, institutions, and stakeholders. It’s not just…

public | service | transformation
Launching today, the new iteration of the ESPO Consultancy Services Framework. Run by the Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation on behalf of all UK public services (and accessible to charities and other bodies too), we are proud to have been on this framework for ten years. This is a record year for us, though, as we […]

Martin Barrow on Twitter: “Heck…this will be the 39th children’s home in the Moorlands (in and around Leek). Bleak consequence of the marketisation of children in care"
There are 122 registered children’s homes in the whole of London, to put this into context.

Conservative Friends of Cycling on
A challenge for Friday. Can anyone think of a single usage of this sign that has constituted sensible and appropriate advice — and for the bonus point — that a single cyclist has acted on. At which point — why is it used at all? Can’t we just ban their usage?

createstreets on Twitter “
Good buildings can make places better.
Fifteen months and one day update: leak is still a-leaking. No repair date yet from @thameswater…
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Grinding, crushing austerity continues.

Environmental and social justice, ethics in public life
Just £145m of budget went on environment with £40bn spent on emissions-increasing measures, says charity

“Fun fact: These lists only started being published after the 2012 sting on Peter Cruddas Or should I say, since February 2021, Tory peer Lord Cruddas…"
EXCLUSIVE: Tories refuse to reveal billionaire donor dinners In 2020, Conservative Party said it was “committed” to publishing list of Leader’s Group meals “in due course”. But it never appeared — and now party is refusing to repeat that commitment

Phil Jones on
“One Italian factory has supplied a new price list to include the extra VAT, tariffs, and haulage costs. A ceiling light that, last year, I sold for £185 I now have to price at £259. I haven’t increased my margins and I’m not making any more.”

It’s been over a century, but summer chinook are back in the Little Spokane River: ‘It’s kind of a spiritual experience’ | The
For the first time in 111 years, summer chinook are swimming in the Little Spokane River.

Dr Phil Hammond 💙 on
Dear Mr Javid, it would be enormously helpful if you could name this hospital and the other 47, and also clarify what you mean by ‘new’. Are these new buildings on new sites, or modifications and upgrades of existing services?
This is a fascinating thread to pull if you’re interested in moral panic as a regulatory mechanism in a capitalist society.

“Brilliant, spikey no-bullshit summary of Afghani-shambles by @ShippersUnbound and @joshglancy in @thetimes . ‘The idea that we didn’t see this coming is bollocks. We spent six months telling people to get out’ says minister."
This is potentially massive. It’s been confirmed in court documents that Joshua Sutter, one of the Atomwaffen leaders (and one of the biggest O9A proponents), is an FBI informant. More here:

Dr Mike Galsworthy on Twitter: ““So Marcus Rashford should stick to football but Ian Botham should get involved in trade deals,” wrote one Twitter user. Perfect 🔥."

‘Govt by satire:’ Botham, Donaldson and Hoey installed as trade envoys — costly reactions
Admirable people from all walks of life are recognised with honours, but this horribly flawed system seems rigged to reflect existing inequalities and power structures

Carlos E. Perez on Twitter: “The state of machine learning practice:… “

Paul Burston 💙 on Twitter: “Another gay man physically attacked — this time in a park in Tower Hamlets, beaten to death. Those of us old enough to have lived and fought through the 80s could be forgiven for thinking that times like these were behind us. What the hell is going on?”
Another gay man physically attacked — this time in a park in Tower Hamlets, beaten to death. Those of us old enough to have lived and fought through the 80s could be forgiven for thinking that times like these were behind us. What the hell is going on?

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “Over a third of the most deprived areas will not benefit from Levelling Up Fund"

The title says it all — at least there is now a legal inquiry.

Sam Lowe on Twitter: “Would it be churlish to say “I told you so”? UK manufacturers to win big concession on post-Brexit quality mark"

Richard D. Bartlett on Twitter: “this seems incredibly important to understand… “
Just updated the Closed Loop of Domination-Based Masculinity video. Added a crucial frame which is now frame number 8. Kind of shocked I didn’t get to this sooner.

Ronald Brownstein on

“What hath Zuckerberg wrought: “Facebook said Saturday evening that an article raising concerns that the coronavirus vaccine could lead to death was the top performing U.S. link on its platform from January through March”"

“The British people repeatedly voted to end free movement and take back control of our immigration system and employers should invest in our domestic workforce instead of relying on labour from abroad,” a Home Office spokesperson said…


How safe is our data in HMRC’s hands? Great article for #TaxTwitter to chew on. Good to see input from tax partner @Tick_Tax Also @litrgnews —… via @FT

Andrew Doyle on Twitter: “Even as he was being arrested by the Taliban, the comedian Nazar Mohammad was making jokes about them to their faces. He was later found dead. “The greatest enemy of authority is contempt, and the surest way to undermine it is laughter” — Hannah Arendt"
Nichi Hodgson: ‘Patriarchy’ is no longer relevant when ethnicity, class, education and gender, intersect to oppress men and women alike

“The War in Afghanistan is not the failure of a man…but of an entire leadership class.” “We must relearn how to be serious” Great essay and a v helpful reading list at the end.…"

Understanding Society: Social change and
One of the wonders of modern academia is that the ideal of workplace democracy should be so prevalent among people who regularly endure faculty meetings. […]
Science and practice seem deeply stuck in the so-called stage theory of grief. Health-care professionals continue to “prescribe” stages. Basically, this perspective endorses the idea that bereaved …

systems | complexity | cybernetics

An excellent read-along tweet stream

Abstract On the one hand, complexity science and enactive and embodied cognitive science approaches emphasize that people, as complex adaptive…

Harish’s Notebook — My notes… Lean, Cybernetics, Quality & Data Science.: In today’s post, I am looking at the idea of ‘category mistake’ by the eminent British philosopher Gilbert Ryle. Ryle was an ardent opponent of Rene Descartes’ view of mind-body dualism. Ryle also came up with the phrase ‘the ghost…

OU 50th STiP Seminar: On Being a System within Systems with Tyson Yunkaporta, Tue 7 Sep 2021 at 12:00 UK

by The Open University, Faculty of STEM Event Information Tyson’s work involves applying an […]

Boundary critique and its implications for conflict prevention | Midgley and Pinzon (20110) | Systems Community of
pdf[PDF] Boundary critique and its implications for conflict prevention | Semantic Scholar Boundary critique and its implications for conflict prevention G. Midgley, Luis A. PinzónPublished 2011Economics, Computer ScienceJournal of the Operational Research Society This paper reviews developments in the theory of boundary critique, which has been used in a number of OR projects to support conflict resolution.…

So You Think That There is a Mind-Independent Physical Reality…
A short but rather amusing clip of Dan Robinson discussing Berkeley’s subjective idealism in a lecture on Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason and the Refutation o…

a common theme!
Measuring Narrative Change: Understanding Progress and Navigating Complexity Measuring Narrative Change, v2.0
Maurice Yolles: Autopoietic Efficacy — A Metacybernetic View — Some Ideas (1) Maurice Yolles: Autopoietic Efficacy — A Metacybernetic View — Some Ideas — YouTube
I have an affection for and an interest in ‘Game B’ and/but I can’t help thinkin there’s a peculiarly ‘Game A’, rationalist drive behind it. Like the thinking is almost there, but not quite… anyway, this is a nice example — a nice article but not a framing that fundamentally appeals to me. From the…

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “Wait, is *that* what people mean by ‘sensemaking’? Dealing with the unknown? I… guess? But for me, it’s recasting the known as the unknown, and going from there… Sensemaking"

Ivo Velitchkov on Twitter: “All Affordances Are Social: Foundations of a Gibsonian Social Ontology"

“EWITA — enterprise-wide IT-architecture. It does have its valid uses, but it should never be described as ‘enterprise-architecture’” Fare thee well, Tom!”

Santa Fe Institute on Twitter: ““Life, like eyes, is a story of converging on similar functions not inheriting similar functions.” SFI’s David Krakauer and Chris Kempes explain their new framework for life’s multiple origins @SYFYWIRE"

Organisational development / transformation

Published March 1, 2007 Research Article Article information Abstract Diversity focuses on human characteristics that make…

More brain food
Philip Agre earned his PhD in 1989 in computer science, but his greatest impact came when he left the technical side of the field and helped create the field of social informatics, or the study of how technology and humanity interact. Then he disappeared, leaving behind a legacy of work that was eerily prescient in predicting how technology would impact society.

How to Deal With Your Childhood Trauma As an
Recovering from childhood adversity is no easy feat — but these strategies can help.

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “Embed “Stand Down and Bubble Up” Into Your Culture Now So You’ll Be Ready Later"

An excellent piece from Derek Cabrera
Pixel: a biography A biography of the pixel, the elementary particle of pictures | Aeon Essays Pixel: a biography An exact mathematical concept, pixels are the elementary particles of pictures, based on a subtle unpacking of infinityWoody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story (1995). Main image courtesy of Pixar Animation Studios; all additional inset diagrams © Alvy […]

Blind mice use
“A recent Science study presents strong evidence for a new echolocating lineage within mammals, finding that a genus of blind mice — the soft-furred tree mice — is capable of echolocation. #ScienceResearch”

Metaphors of
Exploring different metaphors for change to support individuals and teams to better navigate organisational transformation.

Why some of the smartest people can be so very stupid | Psyche
Struggling to understand is perfectly honourable. Being wilfully stupid is something else and we should strive to fix it

The Extinctions on Twitter: “THREAD: The ancient history of the wolf. (1) Feared, hated, respected, worshipped; few animals inspire as many — and as mixed — emotions as the wolf. Both idol and anathema, their prominence in human culture reflects their abundance in nature. Here we will explore their history…"

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “You Don’t Have a Lizard Brain"

The Unrepeatable Architectural Moment of Yugoslavia’s “Concrete Utopia” | The New
Justin McGuirk writes about the MoMA exhibition “Toward a Concrete Utopia: Architecture in Yugoslavia, 1948–1980,” and the renewed interest in Yugoslavian architecture, which reflected the country’s alternative political reality.


Sam on

“Oh, nothing. Just thinking about this carving of a dog, glowing gold from unknown thousands of pats from loving hands, over four and half centuries.…"

The Blue Nile — Peace At Last Promo (1996)
The Blue Nile promo video for “Peace At Last” from 1996.
An appeal has been launched in Co Cork for a pontoon for Wally to use as a ‘safe haul-out site’. Walruses are semi-aquatic and must come up on land to rest.

Ryuichi Sakamoto / Relâ

Sakamoto makes genres irrelevant. Funky Kraftwerk meats Knight Rider?

Dave Brubeck — Golden
Stream, download, or order the vinyl — little tribute to Dave Greenfield (keybo…

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “Paul Simon — Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes (from The Concert in Hyde Park) We were there :-)…"
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Mark Goes Dancing at Rainbow Rhythms | Peep
Subscribe to Channel 4 Comedy: the FULL SERIES on All 4: accompanies Mark on a date with Sophie to Rain…

The Fall — A Day In The
The Fall do a Beatles cover for the NME compilation ‘Sgt Pepper Knew My Father’.

Hit songs rely on increasing “harmonic surprise” to hook listeners, study finds | Ars
Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” ranked highest in challenging musical expectations.

Benjamin P. Taylor on LinkedIn: David Gray — Birds Without Wings (Official Video)

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