Transduction — leading transformation — Issue #13

Benjamin P. Taylor
5 min readSep 5, 2021


A Sunday special this week. I’m on holiday! For the first time in 18 months. Normal service may or may not…

Top phive of the week

I’m in a quandary. Would you run a face-to-face awayday for a dispersed UK/international team in September?

Lots of good responses on this question which really highlight the divergent views on ‘hybrid working’ and the challenges involved.

We’re having a real debate about whether to stick with our in-person awayday at the end of September (rescheduled from July, rescheduled from June). That is, assuming we even have a choice and there isn’t another lockdown. We really want to meet — for the first time in eighteen eventful months — but several people …

Another surprisingly controversial one, I didn’t understand how people would (mis)interpret these!

Today I want to invite you to meditate on two quotes: “It is a misuse of our power to take responsibility for problems that belong to someone else.” “It’s a cry out against help, against charity, against philanthropy — all forms of colonialism” These are both from Peter Block, who wrote Flawless Consulting, Community: the …

Systems: A User Perspective

Originally posted on Systems Leadership, Lessons & Learning — Belinda Weir: A short reflection on the relevance of cancer to systems thinking Since I was diagnosed with cancer 9 weeks ago I’ve thought a lot about what my experience can teach me about complexity and systems. Not every day. Some days I’ve curled up into a small ball,…

Poor Service Isn’t Always An Accident. It’s Often By Design — Paul Taylor

Drawing on my frustrated documentation of my experience trying to speak to someone for advice about care for an elderly relative, Paul (one of the great writers on *true* customer experience) made some acute points…

In markets without much competition, organisations can deliver bad service not because of poor design and management, but simply because they can. Benjamin P. Taylor shared a great thread on Twitter this week outlining the experience of attempting to get some housing support for an elderly relative. I say ‘great thread’ when I really…

Input request: Using Systems Thinking to Understand the Barriers and Enablers of Gender Bias in Society and the Operational Research Profession

systems | complexity | cybernetics

Call for papers: Organizing Outside Organizations | puntOorg International Journal
Call for papers: Organizing Outside Organizations Call for papers: Organizing Outside Organizations | puntOorg International Journal Call for papers: Organizing Outside Organizations 2020–10–29 Organizing Outside Organizations Guest editors: Barbara Czarniawska — University of Gothenburg Gianluca Miscione — University College Dublin Elena Raviola — University of Gothenburg Rafael Alcadipani da Silveira — EASP-FGV Emre Tarim — […]

Organize in Changing the World Together —

Be where you can invite others to join. In the next two months, we will be asking you to co-design these learning and work spaces so they meet your network’s needs. We will also be inviting you to help Acter develop an expanded list of ”hot topics” so you can better find other people through maps showing connections among people interested in that topic.

Organisational development / transformation

The Reality of Informationally Closed Entities: | Harish’s Notebook — My notes… Lean, Cybernetics, Quality & Data Science.

Public service transformation

Efficiency — who’s judging? | NAO blog
The NAO blog shares our views about the issues and challenges facing government.

Ethics in public service

Ministers struggle to find people to interview Paul Dacre for Ofcom job | The Guardian
Exclusive: Second attempt to make former Daily Mail editor chair of media regulator hits stumbling block

Resurgence • Article — Humanising the ‘Machinery’ of
Charlie Jones and Martin Seager outline ways in which health-care staff can be more open to spontaneity and connection, and explain why it matters.

Goomics — cartoons that reveal what it’s like to work at Google
Repository for the Goomics book project

UBERIFICATION … NHS mental health therapists pressurised to exaggerate success rates, expert claims | The Independent | arthur~battram…
‘Actual human experience was secondary to creating data that would shore up the evidence base for the model to guarantee further investment,’ says one — Read on

Dear Gavin Williamson, now we know what your plans are for Covid-safe classrooms … er, um | Michael Rosen | The Guardian
A car-crash interview revealed the lack of action over ventilation in English schools

Environmental and social justice

CrowdDoing (Bobby Fishkin)
Website About: Conversation between Bobby Fishkin of CrowdDoing & Open Innovation Brazil How Service Learning and Skilled Volunteering can Bridge Skill Gaps & Social Innovation Gapsto Achieve Sustainable Development GoalsA working paper by Bobby Fishkin & CrowdDoing, July 19 th 2019 Leveraging Micro-Leadership to Make Aspirational Goals Achievable By Robert Fishkin YouTube channel […]

Abeba Birhane on Twitter: “Artificial Intelligence, A Guide for Thinking Humans — Melanie Mitchell | Systems Community of Inquiry
Artificial Intelligence, A Guide for Thinking Humans(1) Abeba Birhane on Twitter: “Artificial Intelligence, A Guide for Thinking Humans — Melanie #Mitchell #amreading" / Twitter Abeba Birhane does good and relevant readalong tweet threads, like this one:

Opinion | America Is Giving the World a Disturbing New Kind of War — The New York
The withdrawal from Afghanistan is a final step in the transformation of American warfare into something sanitized and edited out of view.

More brain food

Improvisation Blog: Technology has no Curriculum (How to teach fish about water)
source: Improvisation Blog: Technology has no Curriculum (How to teach fish about water) Technology has no Curriculum (How to teach fish about water) If there is a central tension in the wrestling match between technology/digitalization and Universities, it is that the curriculum is the central pillar of educational organisation, and the web organises itself quite […]

That seductive power of feeling superior (when, actually, you aren’t) — by Mike Hind — Rarely Certain
And a cautionary note about Google


Drug And Alcohol Slang Terms — Addiction Center
Slang often developes as a means to communicate among an in-group, and in the case of drugs and alcohol, they may have been for secrecy.