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What question would you like to have answered about ‘conscious organisation’?
On 7–8 October I’m proud to be hosting an event that brings together 14 of the most incredible thinkers — well, 13 and myself 😊 This is going to be an engaging event, not a carousel of powerpoints, we’ll be learning together. I have two brilliant offers I can share as conference convener: ONE — … Continue reading What question would you like to have answered about ‘conscious organisation’? →

New cohorts for the RedQuadrant tool shed start
New cohorts for the RedQuadrant tool shed start soon If you want to join me and a small cohort of brilliant people doing real transformations (in teams, organisations, wider systems and society, people — and them selves) then please email me urgently at More information including costs and commitments is here: An invitation to the RedQuadrant tool shedAn … Continue reading New cohorts for the RedQuadrant tool shed start soon →

I am trying to

“Me, trying to elucidate in long-form writing what I’d put into a single sentence on LinkedIn or Twitter.… “
Gabriel Garcia Marquez knew a thing or two about management. And about and change management. Notice how in this extract, the secretary, who ‘only has a job from charity’, bides her time and carefully shares her insights with the boss through a channel and in a way that might be accepted. In this story, the … Continue reading What Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ Love in the Time of Cholera can teach us about organisations and change →

I’m intrigued and excited by the potential of the ‘ego to eco’ movement. That’s my card — get yours here: More: Ego to Eco Pech kucha: Story:
The dilemma of rigor or relevance. In the varied topography of professional practice, there is a high, hard ground overlooking a swamp. On the high ground… 13 comments on LinkedIn

systems | complexity | cybernetics

Abeba Birhane on

“Every definition has a fundamental weaknesses: it excludes and limits” von Foerster

Jack Martin Leith: Large Group Intervention Methods — A Brief History (image)
Very Bad Wizards 217: Dropping Paradigms (Kuhn’s “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”) July 20, 2021
I really believe that many of world’s greatest problems are caused — at least in part — by the fact that we continue to count, measure and value the wrong things in the wrong ways. (3) Thea Snow on Twitter: “I really believe that many of world’s greatest problems are caused — at least in […]
Late Great Engineers: Norbert Wiener — father of cybernetics By The Engineer 15th September 2021 8:00 am Late Great Engineers: Norbert Wiener — father of cybernetics | The Engineer The Engineer
“Norbert Wiener in the 21st Century: The Long Historical View” — Ronald Kline “Norbert Wiener in the 21st Century: The Long Historical View” — Ronald Kline | Norbert Wiener Learning Center
203 deaths reported in the UK today. Let’s be absolutely clear: COVID-19 is ‘over’ in much the same way “Brexit” isn’t. Coronavirus — Worldometer…

LinkedIn may be the nerdiest social network — but its strategy is
The tragedy, for me, is that in effectively killing off their groups function and optimising time on site/engagement time in a single-stream, algorithm-driven…

Public service transformation

An interesting piece from PSTA informal partners, brownejacobson

The post The role of local authorities in Integrated Care Systems (ICS) — Anja Beriro, brownejacobson appeared first on PSTA.
Just once, could we have a social care photo where the person is on their XBox with their support worker (who’s not in a uniform), or dancing to Abba’s new song, or sharing a pizza at the dining table? In their own home.

Local government still in the dark over social care funding | Public
The recently announced social care reforms are welcome, but councils are still in the dark over how long-term care will be funded, says Jonathan Carr-West, chief executive of the Local Government Information Unit. — Long form article, Social care, social care reform, National Insurance, Taxation, local government funding, Health, Local government

The Ministry of

The axing of the #localgov from the name speaks volumes about the current Govt’s lack of concern about local services — ironically the services and the tier of government that does most to support ‘left-behind’ people and places.
Disappointing email just received from new DP manager. I thought she was going to be better than the last one, but I suspect the culture of distrust runs deep. I sent off the DP audit forms last week & have stuck to the Care Act Guidance around the issue of “burdensome.” 1/

Helen Pidd on
Manchester Piccadilly to Leeds is roughly the same distance as London Paddington to Reading (42 miles) and yet my train takes 1 hr 14 and the latter journey can be done in 23 minutes.

Ethics in public service

I’m sorry there’s so much of this. Maybe I should lay off, it certainly doesn’t inspire me!

The state of the

Covid ‘high alert’ warning as more than 100,000 pupils in England miss school Boris Johnson dumps dream of US trade deal 4 years after saying we’d be ‘first’ But there is a big flag in the picture so… yay?

The Facebook face
Simply incredible — all 5 of the “third party” privacy and consumer groups Facebook said it consulted before rolling out its Ray Ban AR camera glasses to ensure privacy was “baked in” from the start are *funded by Facebook*. Every single one of them.

U.S. Dispatches Condolence Drones To Middle East Following Civilian
WASHINGTON — In an effort to limit the fallout from any unintended collateral damage, the Pentagon has dispatched a fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles to the Middle East specially designed to express condolences for the civilian casualties of U.S. drone airstrikes, sources confirmed Wednesday.

The new Northern Line extension in Battersea is finance from public

The Tube has been financed through a deal between Wandsworth Conservatives & developers. Section 106, the tax on developers we use to build social housing was instead spent on the Tube. £266.4million of it. A large reason why Nine Elms will produce only 15% ‘affordable’ housing

Setting an

“Boris “no mask” Johnson. Almost lost his life once already. It’s literally his job to set an example… “

“Did they mention ‘the conservative and *unionist* party’?… “

The pathology of

Cory Doctorow on Twitter: “#Facebook is a rotten company, rotten from the top down, its founder, board and top execs are sociopaths and monsters, committers of non-hyperbolic, no-fooling crimes against humanity. They lie, they cheat, they steal. They are some of history’s greatest villains. 1/…"

Independent regulators?
Government no longer wants independent regulators: eg Ofcom and the Charity Commission. It no longer wants independent institutions: eg the BBC and the Metropolitan Police. We need to stop this tide — it’s why we are suing @NadineDorries .
UK took 500,000 vaccines from COVAX. Experts worry it could take more
Insiders reject inference of division among EU members on Northern Ireland issue

Food is being thrown
Sir Roger Gale (Tory MP) says one farming business in his constituency has had to trash £320,000 worth of produce due to no pickers and no drivers. There are cries of “Brexit, Brexit” around the house… and the Govt front bench looks nervous.

Gas supply problems were
In 2015 the National Grid commissioned a study into potential effects of Brexit on Energy supply in the UK. It was published in March 2016.

Timeline of gas
2015 — disruption to gas supplies due to Brexit considered minimal as we have gas storage facilities. 2017 — government allows Centrica to close gas storage facilities. 2021 — government has Centrica (British Gas) to mop up smaller “failing” energy companies.

Haggis_UK 🇬🇧 🇪🇺 on
Who knew Boris Johnson used to get his climate change info from, anti-vaxxer, Piers Corbyn.

Environmental and social justice

The sad story of the Russian ‘elections’
WATCH: an election being stolen in realtime. Join me on a THREAD of videos from Russia this weekend. Exhibit A: can you spot the hand w/ballots sneaking from behind the flag?

Andrew Roth on
Important move as @Google blocks a Navalny smart voting YouTube video as ‘extremist.’ Big Tech has capitulated on the Russian elections. But if they’re willing to block this, then why not block all the other videos and content put out by the @navalny team? Watershed moment. Quote Tweet

Google, Apple remove Navalny app from stores as Russian elections begin |

Google and Apple have removed jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny’s tactical voting app from their stores, his team said on Friday, after Russia accused the U.S. tech firms of meddling in its internal affairs.


A new tennis champion has emerged. It is fascinating to observe the dynamics taking place around this young lady.

A striking look into the values of ML/AI research.

Notice the red and blue text. That’s where human social / ethical concerns begin. This meta-analysis is worth meditating on. #digitalhumanities should pick this up.
That’s the good stuff, right there. One day, we’ll be able to process this into fibre for clothing — in *this* country. However, until UK Gov starts subsidising things that aren’t owned by massive financial institutions, we gotta wait. #hemp #cannabiscommunism

🇯🇲Black🇭🇹 Aziz 🇳🇬aNANsi🇹🇹 on Twitter: “I FUCKING CALLED IT!… “

Breitbart says Democrats guilty of genocide by tricking Trumpers into believing that they can own the libs by not getting vaccinated…

More brain food

Thought I would live tweet about my shift tonight. Might be interesting, or not, either way I have few remaining opportunities to show you into a world you may not otherwise ever see. Feel free to share if you wish

Why does the ‘learning styles’ myth persist?
Depressingly, a debunked theory is believed by the vast majority of teachers. The belief in Learning Styles (that some people are auditory learners, visual learners, etc) is not only wrong, it can hurt. But the research shows that when teachers learn why, they change. So, a 1/
The comment section was awash with people sharing their disappointment about how Brexit has changed rights to work abroad
#Covid19 “Asymptomatic man walks into a bar. In an hour he exhales 600 litres of air containing 720,000 copies of the virus’ “Hegarty & Morawska share deep frustration that it has taken so long for world to wake up to importance of aerating indoor spaces”


Melonpan: the Bittersweet Armenian History of Japan’s Beloved Sweet Bun — Unseen

“I absolutely love this story by @riversidewings — I enjoy stories of connection, of diaspora and having spent some time in Armenia, some kind of affinity there :-) Melonpan: the Bittersweet Armenian History of Japan’s Beloved Sweet Bun — Unseen Japan…"

Bishop quits church after falling in love with satanic erotica

Fuad Alakbarov ⁠⁠ on Twitter: “Thread. Photos of Yugoslav monuments known as spomeniks are often shared online, exoticised and wrenched from context.…"
Thread. Photos of Yugoslav monuments known as spomeniks are often shared online, exoticised and wrenched from context.

Monsieur Pompier’s Travelling Freakshow on Twitter: “Rejected costume for Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. Designed by John Mollo, 1977.… “

Well, I don’t know what impact *this* would have had on my five-year-old mind when I was first introduced to and obsessed with Star Wars!

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