Transduction — leading transformation — Issue #18

Top phive of the week

Exploring practical systems change: why are we not learning all the lessons we could about fire safety? Join us for a free, open session to explore!

Teacher Tom: To Live In A World Of People Who Think For Themselves

systems | complexity | cybernetics

Selling Systems Thinking — by Gene Bellinger — SystemsWiki’s Musings

the Tektological҉’s Newsletter — e.g. Common Cybernetic Resources (C\cyb) — by Tektological҉ — Serendipity

Systems Thinking: trial and learning — Gene Bellinger as part of the Open University Systems Thinking in Practice Jubilee — Tue 12 Oct 2021 at 12:00 UK Time

Kumu’s suite of network mapping/weaving tools — and how they may help your network of improvers (Zoom) | Q Community — 6 October 4pm UK time

Down the Rabbit Hole: Tracking the Humanizing Effect of John Dewey’s Pragmatism on Norbert Wiener — Moorhead (2015)

public | service | transformation

How could social provision achieve more? Report from Triangle

How can systems thinking enhance stewardship of public services? And webinar 14 October 2021, 5pm AEDT

Co-operative Councils Innovation Network — Case Studies Pack 2021

Organisational development / transformation

Ethics in public service

The 81 women killed in 28 weeks | Femicide | The Guardian

Steve Analyst on Twitter

Fear on the ward: UK mothers threatened with social services for refusing maternity care | Childbirth | The Guardian

Mike Bird on Twitter

Investigation: Lessons from implementing IR35 reforms — National Audit Office (NAO)

Environmental and social justice

Historical climate emissions reveal responsibility of big polluting nations | Greenhouse gas emissions | The Guardian

More brain food

Neuropragmatism: A Neurophilosophical Manifesto — Solymosi and Shook (2013)

Situation and inquiry in Dewey

Lifeworld Analysis — Agre and Horswill (1997?)

Mind, Self and Society — GH Mead (1934)



Slow but steady has seen the EU win out in the vaccine race | Coronavirus | The Guardian




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Benjamin P. Taylor

Benjamin P. Taylor

business evolutionary all pieces duplicated at

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