Transduction — leading transformation — Issue #2

This second edition comes hot on the heels of the first, as I try to move to Saturday publishing and get into a rhythm. There’s a bit of duplication from the first edition just to focus on our upcoming

systems/complexity/cybernetics, public/service/transformation

23 June, RedQuadrant tool shed show-and-tell session

Top five of the week

Tips on making place-based working work

Shift or skid? What are commissioners doing? How can we push towards asset-based commissioning?

Public / service / transformation

Serving the Citizens — Not the Bureaucracy — Sascha Haselmayer for The Chicago Council on Global Affairs presents a strategic vision for city procurement.

Strategic Partnership Boards in Local Government A misnomer or real spaces for collaborative working? — London Strategy Network

Governance risk and resilience framework from the Centre for Governance and Scrutiny — PSTA

Organisational development / transformation

There are five core things which, if you make them your practice, are likely to lead to organisational success.
Three basics: Honest conversations, discussing the undiscussable of emotions and reasoning — nothing can develop unless there’s a shared effort to get at the truth Clarity — no learning is possible, and productivity and psychological safety are unlikely, without clarity of roles, tasks, decision-making, and relationships Learning — true learning isn’t possible without planning, prediction, and […]

Why is a bridge and water such a good explanation of how people go wrong with business transformation?
Why is a bridge and water such a good explanation of how people go wrong with business transformation? I use this image to open a lot of my learning and teaching on service and business transformation. What do you see? Some see white water — froth and waste which we can remove one obstacle at […]

Ethics in public service


The Nemean Housecat : trippinthroughtime
In historic art pieces depicting multiple humans, there is a law that at least one of those humans will look like they have no clue how or why…

Systems / complexity / cybernetics

Critical Systems Thinking: What has been done and what needs doing — Tue 22 Jun 2021 at 12:00 UK time

The Cybernetics of Brand Tickets, Tue 22 Jun 2021 at 18:00 UK time — CybSights

Systems Thinking — Valerie Iles

Brain food

Teacher Tom: “First Puzzles are Hard, Then You Turn them Easy”

Brian Eno, Peter Schmidt, and Cybernetics | Rhizome


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