Transduction — leading transformation — Issue #20

Top phive of the week

Join us on Monday to explore practical systems change (free)

What do you think of FestivalUK*2022? — the once-chosen path

systems | complexity | cybernetics

Barry Oshry at ‘The Stoa’ — power+systems. November 4, 2021 4pm EST

Postcognitivism — Wikipedia | Systems Community of Inquiry

Humanistic Principles and Social Systems Design | Douglas Austrom + Carolyn Ordowich (ST-ON 2021–05–10) — Coevolving Innovations

Coexploring Systems Literacy | Peter Tuddenham | Systems Thinking Ontario 2021–03–08 — YouTube | Systems Community of Inquiry

What drove the invention of military technologies? new paper from Complexity Science Hub Vienna

New Books Network podcast | Vanilla Beer and Allenna Leonard, “Stafford Beer:… | Systems Community of Inquiry

The Purpose Of A System Is What It Does, Not What It Claims To Do — Benjamin and Komlos (2021)

Productive Organisational Paradoxes — Ivo Velitchkov

Organisational development / transformation

On Resilience … — by prof serious — Anthony Finkelstein’s blog

Ethics in public service

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Mark O’Neill on Twitter

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davidallengreen (@davidallengreen) | Twitter

Revealed: how UK spies incited mass murder of Indonesia’s communists | Indonesia | The Guardian

St. Rev. Dr. Rev on Twitter

Environmental and social justice

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How Bali could teach the world to manage its water resources| EurekAlert!

More brain food

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