Transduction — leading transformation — Issue #25

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systems | complexity | cybernetics

The Impossibility of Automating Ambiguity | Systems Community of Inquiry

Second order cybernetics — Glanville (2008) in Systems science and cybernetics. Encyclopedia of life support systems | Systems Community of Inquiry

Iluminate — cultivating the field and practice of systems change | Systems Community of Inquiry

Systems Thinking as if People Mattered Critical Systems Thinking for Citizens and Managers | Ulrich (1998) | Systems Community of Inquiry

How Maxwell’s Demon Continues to Startle Scientists | Quanta Magazine | Systems Community of Inquiry

public | service | transformation

Commissioning is an approach to transformation

Spotlighting Shared Outcomes for Social Impact Programs That Work — Stanford Social Innovation Review — Eleanor Carter and Nigel Ball of the Government Outcomes Lab — PSTA

How can you quickly assess how you are doing as a #leader? — the once-chosen path

Benjamin Taylor: Tips on making place-based working work | Local Government Chronicle (LGC)

Child exploitation is everyone’s business — contextual safeguarding can help. | Government Transformation

The Radical Way_shifting the social paradigm — Hilary Cottam — PSTA

Serving the Citizens — Not the Bureaucracy — Sascha Haselmayer for The Chicago Council on Global Affairs presents a strategic vision for city procurement. — PSTA

Why money spend on public health is a sound investment — Greg Fell — PSTA

Left shift. Show me the evidence — Sheffield DPH

organisational development / transformation

Why is a bridge and water such a good explanation of how people go wrong with business transformation? | Government Transformation

Have you heard of the brown contract? 💩 — the once-chosen path

ethics in public service

Prince Charles’s former aide quits as charity boss amid cash-for-honours claims | Prince Charles | The Guardian

Police corruption and the unsolved murder of Daniel Morgan — podcast | News | The Guardian

environmental and social justice

‘A poor man’s rainforest’: why we need to stop treating soil like dirt | Soil | The Guardian

more brain food

The Magnification of Small Differences — Akimbo: A Podcast from Seth Godin — Overcast | Systems Community of Inquiry

What idea changed the way you see the world? — the once-chosen path





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Benjamin P. Taylor

Benjamin P. Taylor

business evolutionary all pieces duplicated at

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