Transduction — leading transformation — Issue #28

top phive of the week

My top LinkedIn posts (you won’t BELIEVE number 77!) ;-) — the once-chosen path
I joined LinkedIn way back in April 2007, thanks to a colleague who came back from a course at the Harvard Kennedy School and told me that everyone in the US was on it. Around that period, and particularly from 2009 onwards, it was a good way to tell which public service clients were doing…

systems | complexity | cybernetics

Why fruit rots: theoretical support for Janzen’s theory of microbe–macrobe competition | Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
We present a formal model of Janzen’s influential theory that competition for resources between microbes and vertebrates causes microbes to be selected to make these resources unpalatable to verteb…

ISSS conference 2021 videos online | Systems Community of Inquiry
Online 2021 Public ISSS 2021 Annual Conference was online using the cvent platform, July 7–14 2021. Select video recordings from essions are here for public viewing. For these videos all participants have agreed for the video recordings from sessions to be shared publicly. Many other video recordings are reserved for members only on a different pageOnline…

The Sciences of Complexity and “Origins of Order” | Kauffman (1990) | Systems Community of Inquiry

The Impossibility of Automating Ambiguity | Birhane (2021) | Systems Community of Inquiry

Systems Convening (Wenger — Trayner) — Systems Changes — Open Learning Commons ¦ David Ing | Systems Community of Inquiry

After “Jane-Jacobs-Thought”| Doug Saunders | 2021 — Systems Changes — Open Learning Commons | Systems Community of Inquiry

Complexity Management Theory: Motivation for Ideological Rigidity and Social Conflict — Peterson and Flanders (2002) | Systems Community of Inquiry

Finally — I’m seen! | Wenger-Trayner | Systems Community of Inquiry

public | service | transformation

Long live commissioning — PSTA
Commissioning is dead. So why the hell won’t it go away?

Long live commissioning! But what shall we call it? — the once-chosen path
What do you call an approach that moves #publicservices from ‘spending money on services to meet needs’ to ‘intervening and learning in the complex systems that actually shape our lives’? latest piece in the Municipal Journal The former sees ‘services’ as the whole universe, brought into being by our public service cash. The latter sees…

@ServiceReform: Video: ‘The Adaptive Council’ — the PSTA at Essex LearnFest here:>> What capability do #publicservices most need in 2022 and beyond? <<

organisational development / transformation

Why we need #metaconsulting — the once-chosen path
Have you ever seen #consultants deliver the right thing — in the wrong time and place? Go wrong because they were trying to impose their model, not adapt to circumstances? Many consultancies are one-trick ponies, and that kinda works. They do one thing and they do it well, giving people variants of the same approach. The less…

The Peter Block Community Exercise

ethics in public service

Travel: ‘Profiteering’ PCR test firms removed from Government website are ‘reappearing under new names’
The Government has admitted that the providers listed on its own webpage ‘may not have full accreditation’ — and has insisted it has not ‘recommended or approved’ any firm

Traumatic Brain Injury and the criminal justice system — Russell Webster
Hope Kent and Professor Huw Williams highlight the prevalence of traumatic brain injury (TBI) among people in contact with the justice system, and its links with offending.

Tories fined £17,800 for breaching electoral law over Downing Street flat refurbishment — Mirror Online
The Conservative Party has been fined by the Electoral Commission after failing to follow the rules over Boris Johnson’s lavish refurbishment of his grace-and-favour pad

Capita undercuts British Council to run Turing student exchange scheme | Students | The Guardian
Exclusive: Government strips council of role in programme, which replaced Erasmus after Brexit

environmental and social justice

S. Janoff Chapter: Striving for Wholeness | Future Search
Our global systems are fragmented and collapsing in front of us. Here I share my perspective on why systems are broken, my experience working with intractable issues that cross many boundaries and my call to leverage our role as social scientists. I believe we can create a world that works for all, but it takes seeing our differences as resources, faith that we all aspire to wholeness and courage to discover what we do not yet know.

more brain food

Seeing Like a Finite State Machine — Crooked Timber
Reading this tweet by Maciej Ceglowski makes me want to set down a conjecture that I’ve been entertaining for the last couple of years (in part thanks to having read Maciej’s and Kieran…

What does ‘the power to transcend paradigms’ mean? | by Benjamin P. Taylor | Medium
Epistemic status — just a rushed response when what I wanted to say became too long for a tweet stream. I agree — this is unlikely to happen unless people (or organisations) are at one of those ‘late…

United on Sunday: The effects of secular rituals on social bonding and affect

2021/08/09 Normal Accidents, High Reliability, Wicked Messes | Coevolving Innovations | Systems Community of Inquiry

Speaking gigs — what do you think? — the once-chosen path
Do you have tips how to get the best results out of them? My mission seems to be to spread the good-humoured word about systems | cybernetics | complexity. I wanted to change the world by transforming consultancy and transforming public services, and, well, in the words of Tesla about the ‘self-driving’ myth — ‘the…




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