Transduction — leading transformation — Issue #33

Benjamin P. Taylor
6 min readJan 15, 2022

A lazy newsletter this week — trying without categories, so my usual mix is marbled throughout…

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What’s your Facilitrainer Inheritance?
The things that have been handed down to you — source obscure — and just become part of your understanding, your practice in your work? Every profession has them, things that just form the background of your work, which feel like yours, or just ‘in the air’ — but which have their own history. For facilitators and trainers, this is usually … Continue reading What’s your Facilitrainer Inheritance? →

Alex Faickney Osborn —
Alex Faickney Osborn (May 24, 1888 — May 5, 1966) was an American advertising executive and the author of the creativity technique named brainstorming.

It’s just noise!
Transaction costs do not predict systems costs If you wanted to predict how many customer contacts a council would have, and how much they cost, what factor do you think would best predict? Population? Number of people in poverty? Geographic size? Housing stock? Spoiler: NOTHING reliably predicts total numbers of contacts and cost. THE PHONE CALL IS … Continue reading It’s just noise! →

Commissioning: a 10 step introduction — APACE/OPCC cohort now recruiting — PSTA

We are now recruiting for a cohort of our new introductory programme, called ‘Commissioning: a 10 Step Introduction’, developed in partnership with APACE (Association of Police and Crime commissioners). We have already run two successful cohorts and are looking to recruit for a third.

8 February — OPCC/APACE Commissioning Academy, now recruiting — PSTA

We are delighted to announce the launch of the very first Commissioning Academy for Offices of Police and Crime Commissioners, developed in partnership with APACE (Association of Police and Crime Commissioners). Our first cohort will kick off on 8 February and places are still available. For more information, see the flyer below.

National Virtual Commissioning Academy to launch Spring 2022 — PSTA

Sign up now if you’d like deep learning about achieving better community and citizen outcomes from complex systems.

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Next generation local government finance — Joanne
Are you ready for the next generation? Where is local government in the rapidly changing world of finance? Are the skills in place to navigate the change? I work with lots of different UK local authorities and I can see as a local government finance leader, your inbox is relentless. Pressures are mo

Too many browser tabs? This impressive extension is my favorite solution | ZDNet
If you regularly find yourself opening so many browser tabs that you can’t keep track of them all, you’re not alone. There are plenty of extensions that promise to conquer tab overload, but my favorite, Workona, offers a feature set that others can’t match.

Love Becomes A Savage — The Lilac Time

Porcupine Tree- Always never

Join me at “Later in the bar” — SCiO UK Monday 24 January, 18:30 |
“Later in the bar” is a SCiO UK networking event where we try to recapture some of the features of meeting in the bar after an open meeting. This is an opportunity to mingle freely (online) and set your own agenda. These social networking events are different from the open days (speakers and discussion) and member-only development days (each agenda slot filled set by members for learning discussions).

Mehrabian and nonverbal communication | Speaking about Presenting
This interpretation of Mehrabian has been comprehensively debunked many times, but still it persists. In this post, I’m going to:

Partygate investigator helped shield №10 from scrutiny over Grenfell |
Revealed: Emails show how Sue Gray was consulted over decision to withhold information about fatal fire

Real Native history in a video game: An Indigenous take on The Oregon Trail — Indian Country
While the popular Oregon Trail series computer game of the 1980s and ’90s had narratives from the point of view of settlers traveling from Independence,

Thriving in a broken system — by Geoff
What can you do when ‘the system’ seems intent on thwarting your best efforts..?

Systemic Leadership Summit with over 100 encore summit sessions, January 16–25, 2022 | Systems Community of Inquiry

Includes me :-)

SYSTEMIC LEADERSHIP SUMMIT When in doubt, Zoom out — Learn how from over 100 expert sessions covering: Leadership — Systems Thinking — Change and Much More! JANUARY 16–25, 2022 Register This year we offer over 100 encore summit sessions (and one or two new sessions as well)Systemic Leadership Summit

Treasure trove of 2,000 fossils reveals life in Australia’s prehistoric rainforest before it turned into desert
Fossils discovered in Australia reveal hundreds of new species, a pollen-covered insect, parasitic larva, and fish with last meals in their stomachs.

(PDF) The 21st-century public servant: working at three boundaries of public and private | Catherine Mangan —
The 21st-century public servant: working at three boundaries of public and private

Great Information Resource For Justice

Knowledge Exchange

Report critical of police treatment of Cornish G7 activists withdrawn | Environmental activism | The Guardian
Official decision calling Project Servator intimidatory quashed by ‘quality assurance process’


CAREMORE is a registered and award winning method of collaborative commissioning developed by the National Collaborative Commissioning Unit and its partners, based within NHS Wales.

How the names of measures influence their interpretations — Petter
In my and adjacent research fields, measures and methods and their names have complex and sometimes detrimental relationships. This is especially true when the names have a clear and relevant meaning in the vernacular. There are several related mechanisms for which I have only scanty evidence (hopefully to be supported further in the future): The…