Transduction — leading transformation — Issue #35

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RedQuadrant named in the UK’s Leading Management Consultants 2022: the ratings | Financial Times

What do you want to read from me? Feedback welcome

How can we adopt a faster pace of digital change while getting it right?

Leading Self, Leading Systems Tickets, Thu 31 Mar 2022 at 09:00 | Eventbrite

Michael Garfield 💫 on Twitter: “Two sides of a coin re: “illegibility” (and thus “fugitivity”). Being unseen isn’t purely good or bad but contingent on power relations in complex ways. See lyrics here: See essay here:"

public | service | transformation

Next generation local government finance

Early help for children and families

System approaches in governmental public health: Findings from an analysis of the literature — Orr, Leider, Gutilla (2021) — Systems Research and Behavioral Science

Measuring and managing what counts — implementing the wellbeing approach to government and governance (Advert Reference: RDF22/BL/LHRM/FRENCH) at Northumbria University on

(PDF) The 21st-century public servant: working at three boundaries of public and private | Catherine Mangan —

EXCLUSIVE: NAO to consider early intervention report

Two more council partnerships scrapped

Financial modelling in government — National Audit Office (NAO) Report

Forthcoming events — A Better Way

systems | complexity | cybernetics

The Relational Work of Systems Change — Milligan, Zerda and Kania , with webinar Feb 3, 2020, 2pm EST | Systems Community of Inquiry

We Need to Talk About How We Talk About Systems Change… | Systems Community of Inquiry

Relational agency: a new ontology for co-evolving systems — Heylighen (2022)

Sticky Studio

Eight Criteria for Quality in Systemic Practitioner Research | Simon (2018)

organisational development / transformation

Philip Hellyer on LinkedIn: The Elephant at the Intersection | 18 comments

Sonja Blignaut on Twitter

Systems at Play Meetup with Gene Bellinger Thursday February 24, 2022 12pm AEDT | Systems Community of Inquiry


ethics in public service

Whip threatened to pull funding for link road around Bath for rebelling on Brexit, ex-MP claims | Politics News | Sky News

Best for Britain on Twitter: “This is a *Conservative MP* questioning Johnson over defence spending. An incredible exchange with @Tobias_Ellwood. No grasp of the specifics, a refusal to answer or even engage, bad-tempered, hectoring. ~AA…"

Nick Cohen on Twitter: “The super- rich use England’s crushing legal system to intimidate whistle blowers, journalists and even former Conservative MPs Me in @observer on the campaign to force Charlotte Leslie into “a world of pain”"

Jess Bowie on Twitter: “In response to today’s Times story about “complacent” civil servants being told to fill every desk, one official says to me: “The majority of my team are online from 8am till late in the evening. I am contactable from usually 7:30 till I go to bed at 12pm””

Report on effectiveness of benefit sanctions blocked by DWP | Benefits | The Guardian

Colin Davis on Twitter: “Liz Truss burnt 500 tonnes of CO2 using a private jet for a return trip to Sydney (she got back the day before COP26). That’s more CO2 than the average UK citizen emits in a lifetime. The lifestyles of the rich and famous are killing us, and they’re using our money to do it.…"

Wolfgang Blau on Twitter: “Instead of only discussing Johnson, this remarkably self-critical text takes a look at the system that promoted him into power and how to change it. By @RoryStewartUK.…"

Stop and think again — does the Health and Social Care Bill address the issues?

Lizzie Dearden on Twitter: “Breaking: The Home Office has admitted exercising an unlawful and secret policy of seizing mobile phones from all migrants crossing the English Channel Lawyers made admission at the High Court, while fighting legal action brought by three asylum seekers"

Met apologises to woman for ‘sexist, derogatory’ language in strip-search | Metropolitan police | The Guardian

Ryan Breslow 🕺 on Twitter

Marina Purkiss on Twitter

environmental and social justice

We should rip welfare policy out of the hands of a failing Westminster — New Local

Oxford University identifies 145 artefacts looted in Benin raid | University of Oxford | The Guardian

more brain food

antlerboy on Twitter — watch this on metamodernism

Simon Willison on Twitter: “Federal government memo: “Consistent with the practices outlined in SP 800–63B, agencies must remove password policies that require special characters and regular password rotation from all systems within one year of the issuance of this memorandum.” Yes!…"

Distinguishing the Observer: An Attempt at Interpreting Maturana — von Glasersfeld (1990)

cantlin on Twitter: “The current default work stack — Slack, GSuite & email — is so obviously, hilariously bad. What are the companies replacing it that I’ve spent too long in Big Cos to know about (and don’t say Notion)?”

Improvising Out of Algorithmic Isolation | by Michael Garfield | Medium | Systems Community of Inquiry

The Centre for Public Data on Twitter

Overthrow of Slobodan Milošević — Wikipedia

OSF Preprints | Thinking like a State — Embodied intelligence in the deep history of our collective minds | Systems Community of Inquiry

Like-minded Visionaries: Marshall McLuhan and Buckminster Fuller | McLuhan Galaxy

The Gorilla in the Room — Radiology Today Magazine (on Inattentional Blindness)

Adaptive Computing — Carlos Gershenon — free course

Dr. Cat Hicks 📈🦄🏳️‍🌈 on Twitter: “If you have a robust skincare routine you have demonstrated aptitude in many core skills of data science. I will not be taking criticism of this idea. Girls who have developed personalized skincare routines know more about multivariate causal inference than many engineers.”

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “Finally — the ultimate DAO!… “

‘It’s a show about love’: Desert Island Discs celebrates 80 years on air | Desert Island Discs | The Guardian

antlerboy on Twitter


The Sting on Twitter: “In 1979 CHiPs had an episode where Poncho had to organise a celebrity Roller Disco (because that’s what law enforcement officers do). This might be the most 70s thing you’ll see all day.…"

Lights at sea




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Benjamin P. Taylor

Benjamin P. Taylor

business evolutionary all pieces duplicated at

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