Transduction — leading transformation — Issue #37

Top phive of the week

Your help needed — Supporting Adult Social Care Commissioners — Strategic Commissioning Options Appraisal

Benjamin P. Taylor on LinkedIn: #power #systems #BarryOshry

public | service | transformation

The Public Service Transformation Academy — about us and our offers

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “Why community budgets must fail — and why they might succeed."

Social Work 2020–21 under Covid-19 Magazine

Michael Cearns on Twitter: “I’ve started writing clinic letters directly to my patients, and copying the GP in. You’d be amazed at the positive response I’ve had from this.”

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “I’d like to see more just on ‘how’ “

systems | complexity | cybernetics

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “a collection of First Nations people sharing their ‘thinking in systems’ and thought others might be interested.”

3D Abductive Thinking / Grounding 2D Meta-Fluff on Twitter: “This is amazing — context recognition and context sensitive behaviour in a mammalian brain."

The Frame Problem (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) | Systems Community of Inquiry

Systems Thinking Ontario — 2022–02–21 Schizophrenia, Alcoholism, Double Binds: From Practice to System Theory | Systems Community of Inquiry

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “Fruits of a ‘systems thinking’ google alert: Experts: Congress must treat poor nutrition, climate change, and biodiversity loss as interconnected | Successful Farming David Byrne, the Artist, Is Totally Connected — New York Times"

Your brain does not process information and it is not a computer | Aeon Essays — Robert Epstein ed Pam Weintraub | Systems Community of Inquiry

The unlikely encounter between von Foerster and Snowden: When second-order cybernetics sheds light on societal impacts of Big Data — Chavalarias (2016)

organisational development / transformation

The Future of Work is Not Corporate — It’s DAOs and Crypto Networks | Future

David Durant (He/him) on Twitter: “Interesting to compare this to the concept of “Cinderella services” “

Was Design Thinking Designed To Not Work? | by Debbie Levitt | Feb, 2022 | R Before D

Matt Edgar on Twitter: “About to start scribbling a Venn diagram of human-centred design, user experience design, participatory design, patient involvement and allied concepts. Stopping to check before I do, has someone done this already?”

Six Variations of the VSM — Intelligente-Organisationen — Mark Lambertz | Systems Community of Inquiry

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “When I worked for PwC, we.…"

procurement AND commissioning

A Blast from the past! Commissioning to the private sector

ethics in public service

55 Tufton Official Spokesperson on Twitter: “A tale of two Brexit facts”

Andrew Percy on Twitter: “Levelling-up report co-author Andy Haldane says UK should be like Renaissance Florence”

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “This is actually painful :-(… “

UK flight compensation plan will slash average payouts | Consumer affairs | The Guardian

Polly Mackenzie on Twitter: “I see Jacob Rees Mogg has invited the public to write to him about EU regulations they want scrapped. In coalition days, I was involved in the public consultation on the Freedoms Bill and the Red Tape Challenge. I guarantee JRM will emerge with slim pickings. Why? 🧵…"

Mark O’Neill on Twitter: “I’m not sure I have ever seen a department attack a PAC report in this way, especially after a government minister resigned in the House after agreeing with the report. The collective delusion which is the British Constitution is coming apart." on Twitter: “How Adobe tricks users into a 12 month contract. Thread.”

Ian Dunt on Twitter: “Once upon a time, I would have been astonished to hear an attorney general utter this kind of constitutionally illiterate populism. Now, it barely touches the sides.…"

Robert Peston on Twitter: “No one in or around SAGE and Nervtag is aware of any scientific advice given to the PM that the requirement to isolate for those infected with Covid19 should be terminated from end of the month. “It’s politics, isn’t it” is a typical reaction”

environmental and social justice

Food security: Is the UK already in crisis? — Birmingham Food Council

The Dialogical, The Ecological and Beyond | Goodbun and Sweeting (2021) | Systems Community of Inquiry

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “‘I remember the feeling of insult’: when Britain imprisoned its wartime refugees “

more brain food

Here’s why Twitter users in the UK can still be jailed for sending ‘grossly offensive’ tweets — The Verge

Practicing Civilization — by N.S. Lyons — The Upheaval

NowThis on Twitter: “A drone photographer captured the ‘magic’ moment when a humpback whale & dolphin began playing and swimming together off the coast of Oahu. ‘On a scale of 1 to 10, it would be a 12,’ Jacob VanderVelde said, via Hawaii News Now. 🐋🐬…"

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “It feels to me like the bleedover from MS Teams has actually spoiled Zoom! More and more people defaulting to camera and video off, raise hand to ask questions — behaviours I associate strongly with Teams. :-(“

Mike Sowden on Twitter: “I recently learned something mindblowing about the geological history of the Mediterranean Sea…”

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “Paisley: The story of a classic bohemian print “

Adam Kay on Twitter: “A quick thread on in the importance of being careful what data you share — even if you’re the Queen.”

Saying goodbye to Steve, the reader who commented on everything I wrote for 17 years

The Other Face of Sincere Irony | divine curation

@antlerboy on Twitter ‘Famous people’ I’ve met… I have two fakes in here :-D

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “Hmm… looks like maybe maybe maybe Profiles in Google Chrome can solve the perennial ‘microsoft multi-login’ problem? (i.e. if I have a different MS profile on a client site, Computer Says No normally)”

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “Freud, Rilke and Transience | European Journal of Psychoanalysis”


🏳️‍🌈misha fletcher on Twitter: “WHALES HAVE MEMES?… “




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Benjamin P. Taylor

Benjamin P. Taylor

business evolutionary all pieces duplicated at

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