Transduction — leading transformation — Issue #41

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How safe is ‘check in’?
We usually ‘check in’ on meetings and updates, e.g. ‘how are you feeling right now? red/amber/green and say anything you need to say to fully arrive…’ It’s served us well… even through Covid. Now I feel it breaks folks’ compartmentalisation… wonderingif I should vary it?

Seeking wordcel advice
What’s a better word than ‘balance’ when you want to talk about zestfully combining elements that appear as opposite ends of a spectrum? e.g centralised-decentralised, hierarch-network etc

public | service | transformation

LGANews on Twitter
Arts and culture have huge role to play as we #BuildBackLocal from pandemic Our new Independent Commission on Culture and Local Government — chaired by @LolaHornsey — will set out evidence for value of essential cultural services

Health Innovation on Twitter
Inspiring presentation from @WCENLondon about how they are addressing inequalities by shifting the focus from the patient to the citizen and from institutions to community empowerment. ‘Community is a strength and should be celebrated’. #MHSIP

David on Twitter
Today a woman with developmental disabilities came into the library, and said she was lost. She didn’t know her address, but her phone number was in her pocket on a piece of paper with Elmo on it. She kept saying, “The library is a safe place.”

Malik Gul on Twitter
We had to begin our presentation by condemning an earlier Police talk, where they introduced- in a meeting full of black people- the highly controversial ideas on ‘excited delirium’, misrepresented the Death of Sean Rigg, and gaslit the meeting by praising Cressida Dick!

UK ‘sleepwalked’ into dysfunctional children’s social care marke

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter
I’ve had the same misery. But a typo *somewhere* in my NHS records (!) prevents me from accessing the NHS app. Same reason I get an automated fine with every prescription prepayment certificate, I think.

Steve Mouzon on Twitter

A top researcher says it’s time to rethink our entire approach to pre-K : NPR
A long-term study of a statewide preschool program tracked students through the sixth grade and found those who attended prekindergarten falling behind.

“Brexit” didn’t just cost us money: it deprived us of solidarity in a crisis | William Keegan | The Guardian
The war in Ukraine has united the EU, and exposed the geopolitical folly of leaving as well as the economic loss

systems | complexity | cybernetics

Michael Garfield 💫 on Twitter
“The world is like a body that develops and grows out of both self and non-self…an adaptive extension of the organism evolved to overcome the limitations of the body and generate a super-physical system.” ARGH this is so good! Read for a better idea of how I think & why.

The Mind Made Matter | David Krakauer (2022)
DAVID KRAKAUER7 Mar 2022 The Mind Made Matter Analog tools are collaborators in cognition, not mere mechanical servants. The Mind Made Matter | David Krakauer

Teacher Tom: The Consequence Of All Learning: We Can No Longer See The Chicken
The Consequence Of All Learning: We Can No Longer See The Chicken Teacher Tom: The Consequence Of All Learning: We Can No Longer See The Chicken

Systems Innovation Discussion Paper | Nesta — Puttick, (2013)
source: Systems Innovation Discussion Paper | Nesta Don’t know how I missed this — dug up by Joss Colchester from 2013 Systems Innovation Discussion Paper 23 January 2013 Ruth Puttick Systems Innovation Discussion Paper Systems Innovation Discussion Paper | Nesta

Recovery coupling in multilayer networks
Originally posted on Complexity Digest: Michael M. Danziger & Albert-László Barabási Nature Communications volume 13, Article number: 955 (2022) The increased complexity of infrastructure systems has resulted in critical interdependencies between multiple networks — communication systems require electricity, while the normal functioning of the power grid relies on communication systems. These interdependencies have inspired an extensive literature…

WHO | Systems Thinking for Health Systems Strengthening — Savigny etc (2009)
Systems Thinking for Health Systems StrengtheningAuthors:Savigny, Donald de, Adam, Taghreed, Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research, World Health Organization WHO | Systems Thinking for Health Systems Strengthening Publication details Editors: World Health OrganizationPublication date: 2009Languages: English, French, Spanish Downloads Systems Thinking for Health Systems Strengtheningpdf 1.54Mb Systems Thinking for Health Systems Strengthening (French)pdf, 1.71Mb Systems Thinking for […]

Perspectives on Science and Other Theories — social science that actually works
SOCIAL SCIENCE THAT ACTUALLY WORKS SCIENCE AND OTHER THEORIES Perspectives on Science and Other Theories Contains: INTRODUCTION TO PERSPECTIVES ON SCIENCE AND OTHER THEORIES Merrelyn Emery, 2018 Open Systems Theory (OST) is just a branch or area of science like any other and those who work with OST see themselves as scientists much like any other. As […]

Transaction-Cost Utopias Reconsidered — by Venkatesh Rao
source: Transaction-Cost Utopias Reconsidered — by Venkatesh Rao

Economics of Mutuality
Completing Capitalism Transforming the Economic System by Creating a Mutuality of Benefits Among All Stakeholders Economics of Mutuality Also Economics of Mutuality Lab at Said Business School, Oxford University

Systems Thinking Ontario — 2022–03–14
source Systems Thinking Ontario — 2022–03–14 2022–03–14 March 14 (the second Monday of the month, besides being Commonwealth Day in Canada that isn’t a statutory holiday!) is the 98th meeting for Systems Thinking Ontario. The registration is at . Entropy: How does the Second Law of Thermodynamics change our thinking? Entropy, the second law […]

Coexistence in diverse communities with higher-order interactions
Originally posted on Complexity Digest: Theo Gibbs, Simon A. Levin, Jonathan M. Levine A central assumption in most ecological models is that the interactions in a community operate only between pairs of species. However, the interaction between two species may be fundamentally changed by the presence of others. Although interactions among three or more species,…

Thea Snow on Twitter: “Has anyone ever seen/created a tool or canvas using Donella Meadows leverage points, which is designed to help people think about different places to intervene in a system?”
Has anyone ever seen/created a tool or canvas using Donella Meadows leverage points, which is designed to help people think about different places to intervene in a system? (1) Thea Snow on Twitter: “Has anyone ever seen/created a tool or canvas using Donella Meadows leverage points, which is designed to help people think about different […]

organisational development / transformation

chatbots :-(
Is there a worse chatbot than @HSBC_UK ‘s ‘Moba’? Which, when you get desperate, directs you to iMessage. Which is… Moba :-(

ethics and competence in public service

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter
Oh lovely. On top of Microsoft’s move to less flexible pricing, news today from my IT provider — with two weeks’ notice — that I need to spend another £10k to meet revised Cyber Essentials criteria for the next year. Folks, lock-in is real :-(

Mike Galsworthy 🇺🇦 on Twitter
Well this is fascinating resurfaced video. Putin was insistent that May completed on Brexit. He seems to really care about it. He, of all people, citing the “democracy” imperative to remove public power to reevaluate it, is bemusing.

Sky News team’s harrowing account of their violent ambush in Ukraine this week | World News | Sky News
On Monday, near Kyiv, chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay and his team were attacked. Camera operator Richie Mockler took two rounds to his body armour, Stuart was wounded. Their experience illustrates the scale of the mayhem and violence as Russia’s invasion enters a new and deadlier phase.

Post Office warned of software flaw in 2006, but failed to alert subpostmaster network
The Post Office and Fujitsu failed to alert subpostmasters to a software error that caused them to be wrongly blamed for accounting shortfalls.

Cory Doctorow on Twitter

Katie French on Twitter
Right, going to have a bash at explaining a complicated and important story about bent police officers being sacked in secret …

Adam Bienkov
So in summary the Prime Minister ignored advice from MI5 and MI6 not to give a peerage to the son of a former KGB officer, before intervening to hand him government contracts.

David Miliband on Twitter
We are talking about the appointment of a LEGISLATOR in a western democracy. Not a bauble or a “gong” but the power to make laws. And we wonder why Putin could conceivably have honed his contempt for western liberalism into a belief in our weakness.

Alistair Bunkall on Twitter
One person I spoke to had been to the Embassy in Warsaw. They told him to come to this centre instead, a six and a half hour drive away. When he arrived here, officials suggested he might need to go back to Warsaw. You can imagine his exasperation.

Paul Waugh on Twitter
@BorisJohnson says “no one has been turned away” at Calais, which is demonstrably untrue. He then raises spectre of Russian agents posing as Ukrainian women/children. Says won’t “expose this country to unnecessary security risk” after “Kremlin has singled out this country”

Adam Bienkov on Twitter
Liz Truss will tomorrow give a speech saying the UK needs to reduce the UK’s “strategic economic reliance on authoritarian regimes.” Asked whether this will include Saudi Arabia, Boris Johnson’s spokesman says that they will “remain a partner” with the UK.

The Wall Street Journal
Leaders of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates declined requests to speak to President Biden during the Ukraine crisis, officials say. They both took calls from Putin.

Sir Roger Gale MP on Twitter

Mark O’Neill on Twitter
So @Deloitteuk should be barred from all UK government and public sector work until they quit Russia

Mark O’Neill on Twitter
Unsurprisingly @KPMG_US see the war as a business opportunity! So @kpmguk should also be banned from UK government and pubic sector business

environmental and social justice

Nadine White on Twitter
#ICYMI: Prince William said it’s rather normal to see war and bloodshed in Africa and Asia but not Europe, during a visit to the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in London today. “It’s very alien to see this in Europe. We are all behind you,” he told the volunteers there.

Jay Hulme on Twitter
I think people forget how recent Section 28 — the UK law banning teachers, librarians, and other government employees from “promoting homosexuality” (and, in effect, banning all mention of LGBT people whatsoever) — was. I’m only 25 and part of my schooling was conducted under it.

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter
Yes. And… look… can we *also* have the same for Yemen? And, well, everywhere else?… This up close and personal?


ona bass tip
Bass tip @michaelgarfield John Martyn with Danny Thompson — Solid Air Incredible Victor Wooten Jack Bruce, 52nd Street, live on Later Faith No More — Falling to Pieces

more brain food

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “What Can Be Learned From Rwanda About Battling Depression (and bad music)."
What Can Be Learned From Rwanda About Battling Depression (and bad music).

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter
It was toy cars that tipped me in the direction of wheels… they seldom have ‘doors’ per se, though who is to say what is, and isn’t, a door? Also: is a ball-bearing conceivably a species of wheel?

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter
A great example of why I’ve always recommended (For me: canvassing council estates, doing council satisfaction surveys in shopping centres, trance dance, embodying spirit animals, advocating for systems | complexity | cybernetics)

My London on Twitter
London is home to some of Russia’s wealthiest oligarchs But when My London came knocking, none of them were keen to talk about Ukraine Full story:

Laura Marsh on Twitter

Everything You See Is From 15 Seconds in the Past, New Research Claims
And that’s probably the reason why our vision doesn’t constantly make us throw up.



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