Transduction — leading transformation — Issue #42

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RSPH | Top 20 public health achievements of the 21st century
Top 20 public health achievements of the 21st century

systems | complexity | cybernetics

organisational development / transformation

Theory of Change

katrina mulligan on Twitter
What is a bureaucratic saying that you love? I was in a meeting recently where someone said “let’s see how many penguins we can fit on this iceberg” and I want to say it all the time, everywhere.

ethics in public service

Nick🇬🇧🇪🇺🇺🇦 on Twitter
The Telegraph Newspaper is estimated “to have recieved many millions” from the Russian State News Agency — RIA Novosti — to run Russia reports from 2007 onwards. During this time Telegraph’s reporting on Putin softened — while the paper became increasingly anti Europe.

Lara Spirit on Twitter
NEW: Number 10 don’t deny that Boris Johnson offered constituency funding and jobs directly to MPs in return for personal support during partygate. On Johnson’s very particular use of prime ministerial patronage, with @GaryJMarshall90 in @tortoise .

meeting security requirements and provider lock-in
Oh lovely. Our forced ‘security upgrade’ thanks to Cyber Essentials requirements has: — forced us all to a website called ‘windowsazure dot com’ to log in with credentials then give an off-MS365 email and SMS (not a scam) — cut off my access to all my workflows, normal email etc

Brexit trade deals may not deliver ‘actual economic benefits’, MPs warn | The Independent
Scathing report by Public Accounts Committee criticises government’s approach

Gabriel Pogrund on Twitter
Keir Starmer has written to Lord Bew of Holac asking it to make two unprecedented decisions: review Lebedev’s peerage, publish its advice to the PM Marina Litvinenko also calls for review Lebedev refused to comment at all but on Friday denied being a national security risk

UK is with EU on Twitter
Braverman: people would be outraged if we drop security checks on Ukrainians refugees Streeting: you didn’t worry about security checks when Johnson put Lebedev in the lords Hastings: The Tory parties relationship with Russian oligarchs is a badge of shame

Ed Davey MP 🔶 🇬🇧 🇪🇺 on Twitter
Boris Johnson has serious questions to answer over his decision to put Evgeny Lebedev in the Lords. We need a full, independent public inquiry to establish all the facts, taking evidence from Johnson, and anyone else involved in the decision, under oath.

Casey Michel 🇰🇿 on Twitter
‘Kotsyuba is one of seven Harvard University associates, as well as the Harvard Library, who signed the petition, calling out their own place of employment for accepting money from Kremlin oligarchs like Blavatnik.’

Zarah Sultana MP on Twitter
Today the Saudi regime executed 81 men, in the largest mass execution in its history. Yet Boris Johnson is about to visit Saudi Arabia to beg for more oil. If the government really cared about human rights, it would end its cosy relationship with the Saudis.

environmental and social justice

User oppression in human-computer interaction: a dialectical-existential perspective — Frederick van Amstel
This research theorizes the condition of human beings reduced to being users (and only users) in human-computer interaction (HCI), a condition that favors them becoming objects or targets of commercial dark patterns, racialized profiling algorithms, generalized surveillance, gendered interfaces and heteromation.

How Banks Destroyed Haiti
#Haiti #History #ImperialismJoin me to learn how one major event changed the course of Haiti’s history, and lead it to becoming the nation it is today. The i…

Yugopnik on Twitter
You look at American history differently when you understand that the extermination of Natives and creation of the colonial world is quite literally the same thing Nazis wanted to do to Europe — only successful.

more brain food

How to become a brain myth buster — Ness Labs
Anyone can become a brain myth buster and contribute to dispelling neuromyths, whether in education, at work, or in their daily lives.

The Kihbernetics Institute on Twitter
The #constructivist views of the physiologist Claude Bernard, who introduced the idea of the body’s “inner world”, conflicted with the #cybernetic views of his contemporary, Louis Pasteur, over whether, as William Osler noted, the cause of the disease is the “seed” or the “soil”.

Octopuses were around before dinosaurs, fossil find suggests | Palaeontology | The Guardian
Oldest known ancestor of octopuses unearthed in Montana in form of approximately 330m-year-old fossil

Tom McKay on Twitter
theory: the Russian military got McKinsey’ed. there’s like an 800 page white paper on the invasion they paid $60 million for

Dr Adam Rutherford on Twitter


Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter
Heardle — That daily musical intros game



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