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Exploring a holistic approach to levelling up

Case studies of public-service community partnerships

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Luke Craven on Twitter
Today’s rant: If you think you can address “underlying root causes” please don’t call your problem complex.

The Bateson 50th & 10th Anniversaries Commemoration Kick-off — March 2022 Registration, Tue, Mar 29, 2022 at 4pm BST
MAR29 The Bateson 50th & 10th Anniversaries Commemoration Kick-off March 2022 The Bateson 50th & 10th Anniversaries Commemoration Kick-off — March 2022 Registration, Tue, Mar 29, 2022 at 5:00 PM | Eventbrite MAR 29 The Bateson 50th & 10th Anniversaries Commemoration Kick-off — March 2022 by International Bateson InstituteFollow 106 followers Free Actions and Detail Panel Share this event Register […]


Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter
Well, *I* particularly liked him in Count Arthur Strong…

ethics in public service

Christopher Ingraham on Twitter
NYT: racial overtone CNN: racial undertone Politico: racially charged WaPo: racially tinged

Michael Jacobs on Twitter

Sarah O’Connor on Twitter
So the chief exec of P&O, has openly said he knowingly broke the law, and that he would do the same thing again if he could go back in time. Surely this is grounds to disqualify him as a company director under the “fit and proper person” test?

Michael “oplopanax” Coyle on Twitter
“living with cholera” meant changing the sewage system in every city in the world. If you think “living with COVID” means pretending it doesn’t exist, I’ve got some bad news.

Facts Central 🇺🇦 on Twitter
But then we would also protect ourselves from other airborne virus! I mean, if we go for this, what comes next? Pathogen-free water? Er… wait…

Dan Bloom on Twitter
BREAKING 1.3 million Brits will be pulled into *absolute* poverty including half a million children, devastating analysis finds today. Resolution Foundation said working age household will see real income fall 4% next year, a record loss of £1,100.

Kit Yates on Twitter
Closing our eyes to covid won’t make it go away: a Cases of covid-19 and hospital admissions have been rising in England. Still, many of the people I speak to are unaware that we are potentially entering yet another wave of this coronavirus pandemic.

Кира Ярмыш on Twitter
1/20 Tomorrow Alexei Navalny, the leader of the Russian opposition, will be sentenced. The prosecutor’s office asked for 13 years of imprisonment. Below is a thread about how Alexei’s trial went and what he is accused of. Please share.

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter

Ian Dunt on Twitter
This is one of the most obscene things I’ve seen a western leader say since the war began. And I really couldn’t give a goddamn what someone’s view on Brexit is. No-one with integrity would make this comparison.

Gabriel Pogrund on Twitter
New docs show Johnson opened doors of City Hall to Lebedev, who pitched festival with “substantial support” from Kremlin He said he’d be “thrilled” if Lebedev’s papers could cover him positively And he received £7k of flights, accommodation and private cars in three years

Sara Livadeas on Twitter
It’s not fair that people paying for their own care are subsidising council funded residents. Anyone who can add up knows £387 million is not enough to fix this. Why isn’t the government listening?

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter
Observe how reputation, credibilty and brand is built as corruption grows

more brain food

‎Food For Thought: How Food Changes Weight

antlerboy.eth on twitter
Why might a person want a .eth address? What does one do with one?

How the self became a problem

Sahil Bloom on Twitter
Traditional learning models are dead. Here’s a framework for a powerful way to learn:

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter
What’s a good organising list system (like 1,2,3 or a,b,c) that isn’t hierarchical?

Studying reveals the impact of incentives — The Effectiveness Exchange
Effective Exchange is a leading business transformation and efficiency discussion forum and consultancy. Howard Clark has over 20 years Business Transformation working in Government, Commercial and Education sectors.

Tools for Reclaiming Wholeness in a Culture of Trauma — Part Three — Why Shamanism Now — A Practical Path to Authenticity — Overcast
The Deep Liberation Process is time tested over 30 years and fine-tuned online with 950+ people. The core of its uniqueness is a fractal clearing process that allows you to navigate to the root of stuck patterns, stories and beliefs that uproot your healthy grounding and boundaries and reclaim your freedom to act in alignment with your authenticity and purpose. They also prepare you to step into the Shadow Transformation Process and completely transform what feels impossible to change. Join us for the final part of our series as we look at what we need to learn and do together to co-create a sustainable, just, and free way of life together? Author and practitioner, Langston Kahn, and host, Christina Pratt, explore the potential of the Deep Liberation Process skillset to support us in shadow transformation and ancestral healing. Together we can step into the fierce, unyielding heart of transformative love and restorative justice with anyone who will step into it with us.



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