Transduction — leading transformation — Issue #44

The Subbuteo Scrum Simulator — the ball goes in, but where will it come out?

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News, analysis and comment from the Financial Times, the worldʼs leading global business publication

How Fake Money Saved Brazil : Planet Money : NPR
An economist and his grad-school buddies tricked the people of Brazil into saving the country’s economy.

Folk theorem (game theory) — Wikipedia
Folk theorem (game theory) In game theory, folk theorems are a class of theorems describing an abundance of Nash equilibrium payoff profiles in repeated games (Friedman 1971).[1] The original Folk Theorem concerned the payoffs of all the Nash equilibria of an infinitely repeated game. This result was called the Folk Theorem because it was widely […]

At Any Given Moment in a Process — by Dorian Taylor
At Any Given Moment in a Process…we have a certain partially evolved state of a structure. This state is described by the wholeness: the system of centers, and their relative nesting and degrees of life.Dorian Taylor At Any Given Moment in a Process — by Dorian Taylor

Five councils in England to trial social care charging reform
The Government has announced that five local authorities in England will implement a new adult social care charging reform system which caps the cost of care.

How to Make Things Evolve by Hiroki Sayama
Originally posted on Complexity Digest: // The idea of creating artifacts that evolve by themselves has been at the heart of the Artificial Life research, dating back to the early motives of John von Neumann’s monumental work on self-reproducing automata in the 1940’s. This vein of research is unique and fundamentally different from other more…

Councils to be allowed to set up multi-academy trusts
Local authority leaders have welcomed the Government’s plan to allow councils to set up and run their own multi-academy trusts.

The New Cybernetics: Systems Thinking for the 21st Century | ANU School of Cybernetics
The New Cybernetics: Systems Thinking for the 21st CenturyOur director Genevieve Bell spoke with the Coller Venture Review about the new cybernetics.28 Mar 2022 The New Cybernetics: Systems Thinking for the 21st Century | ANU School of Cybernetics

Improvisation Blog: Social Media and Critical Sclerosis
Wanting to read endless critiques of the same thing — whether it’s of education, educational technology, the pandemic, the war — is a kind o…

Wanda Sykes Said She’s Still “A Little Traumatized” And “Sickened” By Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock
“I felt so awful for my friend Chris.”

Bogdanov, Pragmatism, and Uniting the Systems Movement | Michael C Jackson at Systems At Play, 21 April 8.30am BST
Thursday, April 21, 2022Bogdanov, Pragmatism, and Uniting the Systems Movement Bogdanov, Pragmatism, and Uniting the Systems Movement | Meetup

Disruptions, systems and individual agents — Exploring the intersections — Mackay, Pepper, Munoz (2022)
Disruptions, systems and individual agents — Exploring the intersectionsJonathon Mackay,Matthew Pepper,Albert MunozFirst published: 03 March 2022 Disruptions, systems and individual agents — Exploring the intersections — Mackay — — Systems Research and Behavioral Science — Wiley Online Library

Robots for folding laundry at home: two approaches (Interconnected)
Posted on Tuesday 22 Mar 2022. 517 words, 5 links. By Matt Webb.

Navigating Change: How to Find Ecosystem-Strategy Fit | by Andrew James Walls | Predict | Mar, 2022 | Medium
Andrew James Walls Mar 24 Navigating Change: How to Find Ecosystem-Strategy Fit A guide and tools for how to lead your ecosystem’s future. Navigating Change: How to Find Ecosystem-Strategy Fit | by Andrew James Walls | Predict | Mar, 2022 | Medium

RSD11 in 2022: University of Brighton, October 13–16, 2022
RSD11 IN 2022: UNIVERSITY OF BRIGHTON RSD11 in 2022: University of Brighton From Peter Jones: Possibilities and Practices of Systemic Design Practice Relating Systems Thinking and Design 11th Symposium (Oct 13–16): Call for Papers is open to May 30, 2022. As RSD moves into its second decade, it is possible to question systemic design’s emerging […]

Addressing the youth unemployment challenge in Bhutan through a systemic portfolio approach | UNDP in Bhutan
Addressing the youth unemployment challenge in Bhutan through a systemic portfolio based approachMar 18, 2022 Addressing the youth unemployment challenge in Bhutan through a systemic portfolio approach | UNDP in Bhutan

Tyler the ✨𝓕𝓾𝓬𝓱𝓼𝓲𝓪𝓷✨ 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ on Twitter
hi so you all know the Stonewall Inn was raided because the NYPD were enforcing new york state’s “you must be wearing at least 3 ‘gender-appropriate’ articles of clothing” law, right?

Anna Soubry on Twitter

Thea Snow on Twitter
Another powerful insight from a public servant today: “The gravity of our organisational processes are very strong. Our everyday processes — briefing Ministers, IDCs etc — are hungry processes that will not stand not being fed. This makes it hard to reimagine government.”

Dr Sarah Taber on Twitter
More wheat stats. My personal favorite Misleading Wheat Stat is “Ukraine/Russia grow 25% of world wheat exports.” Why’s it misleading? It’s technically true, but doesn’t mean what people think! Missing wheat from the war is actually less than 1% of global wheat crop!

the post man on Twitter
The first thing to be memed into existence was the concept of the meme itself

Benjamin P. Taylor (@antlerboy) | Twitter
“same thing that’s scrawled across the stars is written under our skin” New Horizons — David Gray I love the lyrics from his album Flesh

Peter Foster on Twitter
The starting point for this discussion is that #Brexit has really, as the OBR fiscal outlook made clear this week, really only discernably delvered — to quote Meg Hillier — “increased costs, paperwork and border delays”

Vasily Kuznetsov on Twitter: “It’s difficult to stop at rationalism. Once you apply the method to itself, you transcend it.… “
It’s difficult to stop at rationalism. Once you apply the method to itself, you transcend it.

Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP on Twitter
New figures show that the Met strip searched 5,279 children in the past 3 years — nearly 5 children a day. 75% were from ethnic minority backgrounds. 16 were aged 10–12. When is the Government going to accept that what happened to Child Q was not an isolated incident? #ChildQ

Sasha Chapin on Twitter
I’ve been thinking about this one for awhile and I think it’s both importantly right and importantly wrong Quote Tweet Eliezer Yudkowsky @ESYudkowsky · Oct 5, 2021 Your annual reminder that you don’t need to resolve your issues, you don’t need to deal with your emotional baggage, you don’t need to process your trauma, you don’t need to confront your past, you don’t need to figure yourself out, you can just go ahead and do the thing.

Hybrid, intentions | People Stuff
I have been asked very many questions about hybrid work of late, and I have noticed how often the answer to so many of them is the same. How do we maintain organisational culture? How do we support new starters? How best to communicate or collaborate? How can we build teams and relationships, enable wellbeing…

Thea Snow on Twitter

Lucy_of_somewhere🇺🇦🇪🇺💙 on Twitter
There are highly effective, low cost tools that we (in the UK at least) have completely ignored These could dampen prevalence, so we all get sick far less often. More work, More school, More play… What’s so contentious about that?

Kaitlin Ruiz on Twitter
for years my dad has argued that what the world needs is “the travel taco” i.e. a taco with sealed edges to keep all the filling from falling out while you’re on the move. and for years my mom has patiently explained the concept of burritos.

Home Office illegally seized phones of 2,000 asylum seekers, court rules | Immigration and asylum | The Guardian
Secret, blanket policy to take mobiles and extract data from them judged unlawful on several fronts

The mysterious people of the Caribbean — BBC Travel
A rare archaeological discovery on the Dominican Republic’s secluded Samaná Peninsula could unlock the mystery behind the Caribbean’s little-known pre-Arawak past.

Hospital at home, virtual wards and turning care in the community on its head — Dr Rod’s Odd Blog (almondemotion)
The doctor calling the ambulance rationalises their actions, ‘I don’t know what will happen to their chest (NB not ‘Albert’, but his chest — a lapse into pathology and medical-speak

EY Brexit tracker finds 7,000 finance jobs have left London for EU | Reuters
More than 7,000 finance jobs have moved from London to the European Union as a result of Brexit, down 400 from the total anticipated in December, consultants EY said on Tuesday.

Sam Bright on Twitter

Brandon Wolf on Twitter
Lemme tell you a story. I was outed at 17. A mom learned that I had a boyfriend & alerted anyone who’d listen. She howled about my “corrupting influence” & insisted that my gayness was contagious. Peers were pulled from my classes. Others stopped showing up to practice. (1/8)

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter
I wonder how all the Serbian actors in Hollywood are feeling about gearing up to play Russians again?

Jon Hillis (🏡,🏡) on Twitter
it’s only postrationalism if it’s from the tpot region of twitter, otherwise it’s just sparkling rationalism

Catherine Grace Kelly on Twitter
Do any of my followers know where I can find free resources/examples of how to develop a theory of change that acknowledges and highlights systems/complexity whilst being simple and easy to understand? Is it even possible? #EvalTwitter

Jim Waterson on Twitter
P&O Cruises are running ad campaigns to distance themselves from P&O Ferries’ decision to fire all their staff and replace them with cheap workers while, er, declining to explain what they actually pay their staff.…

Adam Bienkov on Twitter
The dignity of this brave statement from Conservative MP Jamie Wallis stands in stark contrast to the Prime Minister’s cheap gag at the same event last night.

Betsey Stevenson on Twitter
Drop everything and read this paper:… The bottom line: Managers with MBAs are the best at taking money from workers and not much else. The findings are damning of business schools, business education, & business “optimizing” practices.

Andreas Pius Novus on Twitter
jordan peterson explains spongebob squarepants

Sridhar Ramesh on Twitter
It turns out it was staged. I’ve reverse Google image searched him and the guy who punched Chris Rock is a professional actor.

Sir Michael Marmot on Twitter
Cuts to local government funding in the North since 2010 amount to £413 per person. The 2021 allocation for the North is £32 per person @IPPRNorth Drops…oceans…? It’s not all about money. But money is not irrelevant.

Steven Shorrock 💙💛 on Twitter
Interesting but sad thread on the lack of human-centred design processes in the NHS, resulting in harms of many kinds.

The hyperlocal governments entrusted with reviving the English state

Helen Elliott-Mainwaring💙🪴🧘‍♀️ on Twitter
This is what some of us in maternity have been fighting to reveal for decades. This isn’t an isolated Trust. This was and is widespread and evident seemingly everywhere in Maternity Services

Euronews Travel on Twitter
If you’re on a city break to Dublin and you want to go an hour and a half up the road to see Belfast, things have become a bit more challenging. And the Irish government is not happy about it.

Charlotte Jee on Twitter
Brits are a very long way from fully reckoning with how extremely evil our history is. I don’t think my parents’ generation ever will. Simply too much brainwashing to undo.



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