Transduction — leading transformation — Issue #48

What do you do when you need to get yourself going — when you’re short on motivation?

SAVVI — a system approach to identifying vulnerability

Ecosystem readiness for outcomes-based partnerships: key conditions, capacities and characteristics

E3M, Harnessing the full potential of social enterprises for public services and to meet local needs

Highlights from Stronger Things event by New Local

Reconceiving the Digital Network: From Cells to Selves | Johnson et al (2022)

SCiO events from tonight 26 April to DACH Camp in Aalen on 17 June 2022 — Belgium, Espana, Nederland, UK, DACH

Reification and Thingification: the primitive ravens.

Metacognition as a Consequence of Competing Evolutionary Time Scales | Kuchling et al (2022)

Guest editorial: Complexity as a model for social innovation and social entrepreneurship: is there order in the chaos? | French et al (2022)

(Re)Design: frameworks, tools and scenarios for the Systemic Design approach — 4 May 2022 5pm UK time

ENSO Seminar Series — The Energy Homeostasis Principle: A naturalistic approach to explain the emergence of behaviour — Villalobos and Vergara, online May 5, 2022, 3 p.m. UTC

Timothy Clancy Systems Dynamics PhD — Lifecycles of Violence & Instability of Non-State Actors (2022)

Applying VSM, SSM, and SAST for problem-structuring and problem-solving in health systems — Chowdhury (2021)

Obsidian Publish

Exploring the Complexity of Music — SITE Santa Fe Monday 16 May 7pm local time

The Technium: 103 Bits of Advice I Wish I Had Known

A Complexity Science Approach Towards Improving Human Health

Autopoiesis: the organization of living systems, its characterization and a model. | Varela, Maturana, Uribe (1974)

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “”Poor Mum” -Nick Drake (Performed by Molly Drake) on Apple Music"

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “You can put out a tender with 167 compliance questions and 13 challenging quality questions; nobody can stop you. You can pull it for further consideration if needed. Reissue it with subtly tweaked questions and word count that require it all to be rewritten if’n you must.”

David Henig 🇺🇦 on Twitter: “Really confused as to how a great “oven ready” deal in 2019 turned out to be an EU trick but that this still didn’t stop the UK reaching agreement with the same EU in 2020 which was also great except it didn’t seem to make the UK government any happier with the 2019 deal…”

Self-organization in Pedestrian and Traffic Systems and Logistics MOOC

Laila Al-Arian on Twitter: “Held for 20 years, including 120 days at a CIA black site. Never charged with a crime.… “

Tom Pride on Twitter: ““If I am ever asked to produce my ID card as evidence that I am who I say I am I will take that card out of my wallet and physically eat it in the presence of whatever emanation of the state has demanded that I produce it.” @BorisJohnson 2004. Yesterday Johnson passed a law …”

Transformation Literacy: Pathways to Regenerative Civilizations — Eds Kunkel and Ragnarsdottir (2022) — full book open access

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “LOL My first ever permaban from an online community comes from Reddit’s r/greenandpleasant for politely suggesting that there was not, actually, a push to privatise the NHS — and providing evidence. Why do the left consistently undermine themselves by exaggerating and even lying?”

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “Metaphorum Webinar Series — Brewis, Rayner, Perez-Rios, Duck and Searles"

Act to live! Viability in times of uncertainty — Metaphorum

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “Sorkinisms — A Supercut"

Thea Snow on Twitter: “In systems practice it’s important to avoid approaches which suggest the system can be comprehensively mapped/understood (it can’t). But it’s also imp. to avoid the sense of nihilism which can emerge from understanding we can never really know anything. What’s the middle ground?”

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “Wow, people are alert to Goodhart’s Law these days — especially around ‘machine learning’ and that — that’s great! Twitter Search / Twitter"

Three cabinet ministers reportedly facing allegations of sexual misconduct | UK news | The Guardian

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “Zawinski’s law (more examples in the comments)… “

Mark O’Neill on Twitter: “The Cameron “Bonfire of the quangos” was a hugely expensive disaster. The loss of COI crippled the response to COVID. The scrapping of the RDAs is being badly and belatedly undone. And the abolition of the Audit Committee has cost us £ billions!”

Alex Thomas on Twitter: “An example ⬇️ of the damage the government’s approach to remote working will do So let’s take a look at some of the things *the government’s own reform plan says* (1/?)…"

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “Arooj Aftab “Mohabbat” (Live Performance) | Open Mic"

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “LIONEL HAMPTON & HIS ORCHESTRA (1949)"

Subscribe to the FT to read: Financial Times KPMG wins UK government contracts despite withdrawing from bidding after scandals

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “Good to read alongside this discussion… “

UK’s Brexit losses more than 178 times bigger than trade deal gains | The Independent

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “I dunno, folks. I’m half hoping someone will tell me off and tell me why this is wrong, because it doesn’t look great.…"

Two papers by Visser: Gregory Bateson on deutero-learning and double bind: a brief conceptual history (2003) and Deutero-Learning in Organizations: A Review and a Reformulation (2007) | Systems Community of Inquiry

Anthony Painter on Twitter: “Tesla is not a green technology. Not by a long shot. It’s actually dangerous that so many think it is.”

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “Lo Moon — Bonny (Prefab Sprout Cover)"

Homes For Ukraine whistleblower says UK refugee scheme is ‘designed to fail’ | Ukraine | The Guardian




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Benjamin P. Taylor

Benjamin P. Taylor

business evolutionary all pieces duplicated at

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