Transduction — leading transformation — Issue #5

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I’m speaking at Australasian Change Days 2021


Sense of Coherence — an overview

Systems 1: An Introduction to Systems Thinking | updated — Draper Kauffman and Morgan Kauffman

The Handbook of Handbooks for Decentralised Organising — Richard D Bartlett
The Handbook of Handbooks for Decentralised Organising The Handbook of Handbooks for Decentralised Organising — HackMD

Owtcome — Senseframing Model — Daiana Zavate
linkedin update: Post | Feed | LinkedIn How to weave systems out of our stories? And what is our default learning mode? The honest answer is: I don’t know. But that is a good starting point. In the pursuit to grow our understanding of the world and its relationship to us, it might be worth […]


Which world do you live in?
There are ‘five worlds’ in any service, especially #publicservices, or #systemschange A simplification that can help understanding, from a small service to a whole place-based system In citizen (customer) world, we live our lives, trying to achieve our purposes. We prefer to get on with things ourselves; sometimes we need help, sometimes we even create … Continue reading Which world do you live in? →

Organisational development / transformation

We’re all trying to make sense of things — in our own way and from where we are
Everyone responds to the incentives, demands, risks, and situations they face — only a tiny bit of this is visible to anyone else. That’s why I use the ‘blind men and the elephant’. My point is not that we can ever see ‘the whole of the elephant’ — forget it. Everyone’s world is their own, unique, […]

You should never publish your values or behaviours if you want culture change
Culture is the scoreboard, not the game. If you try to specify the score you want, you’re far more likely to do things that are counter-productive than you are to work on the things that will change how the game is going. As soon as you publish values and behaviours, you get three things:1- indignation […]

Environmental and social justice

Cops Using Music to Try to Stop Being Filmed Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Someone tries to livestream their encounters with the police, only to find that the police started playing music. In the case of a February 5 meeting between an activist and the Beverly Hills Police Department, the song of choice was Sublime’s “Santeria.” The police may not got no crystal ball, but…

Meaningful measures of human society in the twenty-first century | Lazer et al (2021)

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