Transduction — leading transformation — Issue #50

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Carbon Capture Deep Dive: A Systems Change Perspective May 28, 2022 ONLINE CONFERENCE — Systems Change Alliance | Systems Community of Inquiry

public | service | transformation

SAVVI — a system approach to identifying vulnerability — Andrew Humphreys introduction

On Productivity

A reality check on proposed social care reform

Secretary of state set to gain new intervention powers over councils | Local Government Chronicle (LGC)

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter

Andrew Carter on Twitter: “Ok. What is the best argument(s) against devolution in the levelling up agenda? And saying it hasn’t been proven to work doesn’t count”

Andy Burnham on Twitter

Beyond Therapy — Festival of Activism Against Child Sexual Abuse Tickets, Thu 19 May 2022 at 09:30 | Eventbrite

✨ Prof Donna Hall ✨ on Twitter

Ruth🕷🇺🇦 on Twitter

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systems | cybernetics | complexity

Visualising the Field of Systems Practitioners — openmappr | network visualization | Systems Community of Inquiry

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Symbiosis: Beyond Sustainability Expo — Event by Global Regeneration CoLab May 14, 2022, May 14, 2022, 3:00 AM — 5:00 PM (UTC-07:00)

On knowing and understanding • Gaining Systemic Insight — Marcus Jenal

old man shakes fist at cloud — ‘Nolan principles!’

Become an FT subscriber to read: Dropping of UK audit bill from Queen’s Speech comes under fire

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55 Tufton Official Spokesperson on Twitter

Ancient IT reportedly stopped Sunak raising benefits to keep pace with inflation |

‘Enforced childbirth is slavery’: Margaret Atwood on the right to abortion | Roe v Wade | The Guardian

DfT hires Capita to screen job applicants’ social-media accounts |

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California Investigating Oil Companies For Alleged Plastic Recycling Deception : NPR

the funnies

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Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “THIS is how scientific progress happens! Hurrah!!… “

mind expansion

The Wyrd of the Early Earth

The Abs-Tract Organization on Twitter

Jack Shaw on Twitter

Metacognition as a Consequence of Competing Evolutionary Time Scales | Kuchling et al (2022) | Systems Community of Inquiry

Jeff Tang (Lisbon) 🏛🍊 on Twitter




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Benjamin P. Taylor

Benjamin P. Taylor

business evolutionary all pieces duplicated at

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