Transduction — leading transformation — Issue #62

Benjamin P. Taylor
8 min readSep 11, 2022

It’s been a week to mark the passing of a generation, and quite emotional as a result.

This week — less writing from me, many events, links, and an interlude :-)

Stocktake: Transduction — leading transformation — Issue

I’m definitely in a lull with writing posts. What would you do next, if you were me? For the last two or three years, I’ve been very disciplined about writing one or two intentional LinkedIn posts every week (Monday and/or Wednesday), and then pulling them together with a bunch of the things I’ve shared on …

12–16 September, Freethinkers: Unleashing the Spirit of

Therefore, Good Organisations are very excited to announce a unique series of global conversations with experienced and passionate freethinkers and crafts(wo)men of organizational change: During the week of 12–16th September we will feature interactive and inspiration-packed conversations. Benjamin Taylor, of RedQuadrant and the PSTA, will be a speaker on Thursday 15th, speaking about ‘Transforming the […]

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Centralisation Nation: Britain’s system of local government and its impact on the national economy. Centre for

According to a new report by the Centre for Cities, Britain has been experiencing stagnation for over a decade. The national economy is being limited by an over-centralised, inefficient and under-resourced system of local government. Ultimately, improving the nation’s economic performance and overcoming this stagnation will require institutional reforms of local economic governance. Cities, as […]

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21 September, Procurement to Partnership — your questions answered, E3M and Stone King, zoom

Time: 21 September, 14:00–15:00, online Are you a commissioner working on developing new approaches to meeting needs, or a social enterprise or charity with an innovative or a particular proposition? Could a purpose-centred, place-based, outcomes-focussed approach based on collaboration and partnership make a difference? Do you need innovative, long-term, preventative solutions? Could harnessing the inherent […]

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Social Care Funding: A conundrum?
Social care plays an important role within our society. Yet despite its obvious importance it requires reform and additional resources to meet the challenges within the sector and reap the benefits of a resilient care system.

Andy Haldane has been given a golden opportunity to influence the so far ill-defined levelling up agenda. How can he make the most of it?
Dan Corry offers his opinion on the appointment of Andy Haldane, the former Bank of England chief economist as head of the government’s levelling up taskforce. He writes that Haldane will wan…

Christopher Pope, GMCA — A new tool in your toolbox: the Digital Exclusion Risk Index — Co-operative Councils Innovation
Christopher Pope, GMCA — a new tool in your toolbox: the Digital Exclusion Risk Index

Causal impact of social care, public health and healthcare expenditure on mortality in England: cross-sectional evidence for 2013/
Objectives The first objective is to estimate the joint impact of social care, public health and healthcare expenditure on mortality in England. The second objective is to use these results to estimate the impact of spending constraints in 2010/2011–2014/2015 on total mortality. Methods The impact…

The Social Care Sector Faces The Most Unprecedented Workforce Crisis And Needs Urgent Government Support — The
It is clear that care providers are struggling to recruit and this is due to a combination of factors including low wages, the pandemic, Brexit-related workforce changes and the implementation of the double vaccination policy

International Journal of Integrated Care
Article: Integrated Care in England — what can we Learn from a Decade of National Pilot Programmes?

How could social provision achieve more? Report from Triangle
Our friends at Triangle, who are behind the Outcomes Star, have produced a very interesting report: The Enabling Help report outlines why a rethink of the ideas that drive the service delivery system is essential for people with complex and long term needs. It provides a new set of ideas to unlock…

All teams to wear black strip when football
All Premier League and EFL teams will wear an all-black strip, whether they are at home or away, when football returns after the period of mourning for the Queen. A Premier League spokesperson said, ‘We don’t think this will lead to confusion as long as everyone plays by the rules.’ Referees will also be asked to wear the traditional black, and all players and officials will wear black armbands. All balls will be blackened when play resumes, and teams that can afford it will die their pitches bl
Provided to YouTube by Universal Music GroupSafesurfer · Julian CopePeggy Suicide℗ An Island Records release; ℗ 1991 Universal Music Operations LimitedReleas…

Benefitting from a Spiritual Practice: In Conversation with Tom Rivett-Carnac (Episode #37) — The Way Out Is In — Overcast
Welcome to episode 37 of The Way Out Is In: The Zen Art of Living, a podcast series mirroring Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s deep teachings of Buddhist philosophy: a simple yet profound methodology for dealing with our suffering, and for creating more happiness and joy in our lives. This time, the presenters, Zen Buddhist monk Brother Phap Huu and journalist Jo Confino, are joined in conversation by Tom Rivett-Carnac. Together, they discuss the power that deep spiritual grounding has to support change in the world, as well as how to bring presence and insight into our daily lives and the global challenges we face; how to cultivate inner peace; and taking steps to make mindfulness a tool for individual and collective awakening. Tom Rivett-Carnac is a political strategist, author, and podcaster who has spent more than 20 years working to address the climate and ecological crises. He is also a Founding Partner of Global Optimism, co-presenter of the well-known climate podcast Outrage + Optimism, and co-author of…

Australian Signals Directorate 50-cent coin code cracked by Tasmanian 14yo in ‘just over an hour’ — ABC
A 14-year-old Tasmanian boy cracks four levels of code imprinted on a commemorative 50-cent coin in “just over an hour” after it was released by the nation’s foreign intelligence cybersecurity agency — and the spy boss says she wants to meet him so she can “recruit him”.

Spaces for Listening. By Charlie Jones & Brigid Russell | by Brigid Russell |
In a previous blog we promoted the notion that we all have an equal and shared responsibility for creating psychological safety, with and for each other. When we create space in which we genuinely…

Why was Queen Elizabeth II so meaningful? She was remarkably average — The Washington
What made Queen Elizabeth II extraordinary was not who she was, but what she gave.

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Systems and Complexity in Organisation (SCiO) — international monthly events newsletter — September & October 2022
This is the end-August monthly events mailing from SCiO. Click on the group titles below to go to the events that interest you. Please remember that you can attend online events organised by any of the SCiO groups if they are held in a language you speak/understand. Further details of events may be available by clicking […]

BATESON ANNIVERSARIES WITH THE INSTITUTE FOR GENERAL SEMANTICS — “The Map is not the Territory” — WEDNESDAY — September 21st, 6pm Stockholm
BATESON ANNIVERSARIES WITH THE INSTITUTE FOR GENERAL SEMANTICS “The Map is not the Territory” WEDNESDAY — September 21st REGISTER HERE TO GET THE LINK Zoom Link to register:…/tZEtcOyvrDktEtIz83D28ghubNCQu… We are excited to invite you to the Bateson Anniversaries special two-hour session with The Institute for General Semantics titled — The Map is not the Territory — a term famously coined […]

How to navigate an increasingly complex world | World Economic Forum — van der Merwe, Alex Broadbent
FINANCIAL AND MONETARY SYSTEMS Everything from technology to living organisms is becoming more complex. This is why Aug 30, 2022 This article is published in collaboration withThe Conversation. Complexity can develop the ability to manage, control and navigate the complexity it has constructed. Ragnar van der Merwe PhD Candidate, Department of Philosophy, University of Johannesburg […]

20 Systems (over) Thinker Tips — John Cutler, illustrated by Viktor Cessan
20 Systems (over) Thinker Tips Download a high-resolution PDF or PNG of my infographic of John Cutlers “20 Things I’ve Learned as a Systems (over) Thinker” It’s based on his blogplost that you can read here. Download the infographic in English here: PDF / PNG 20 Systems (over) Thinker Tips — Context specific agile, product, […]

Velocity 2012: Richard Cook, “How Complex Systems Fail” —
RIP Richard Cook. Velocity 2012: Richard Cook, “How Complex Systems Fail” Velocity 2012: Richard Cook, “How Complex Systems Fail” — YouTube See also